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Pathways World School Gurgaon

Flagship Campus of Pathways Schools.
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Despite the scorching summer heat, our campers' energy and enthusiasm remain unwavering, turning every challenge into an opportunity to shine. Here’s a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Day 8:

The day in the music space began with Group 1 students showcasing their vocal talents in auditions. Their voices echoed through the room, filling it with a blend of nervous excitement and raw talent. Following the auditions, they received guidance on stage presence and etiquette, ensuring each performer knew how to captivate an audience beyond their voice.

Group 2’s session started with an enlightening introduction to the structure of a song. This theoretical foundation paved the way for practical application as students were arranged based on their singing levels. Much like Group 1, they received comprehensive guidance on stage presence and etiquette, preparing them to perform confidently and gracefully.

In the theatre room, creativity was in full swing as students explored the beauty of improvisation, using hand gestures, voice, and movement to bring their imaginary journeys to life. The room buzzed with spontaneous performances that showcased the power of imagination. Group 2 students delved into the concept of mirroring, understanding the dynamics of action and reaction. They shared their scripts and collaboratively decided on characters and stories, setting the stage for a captivating showcase day performance.

In the Design Technology workshop, students channeled their creativity into crafting personalized keychains, each engraved with heartfelt messages using a laser printer—a testament to their love and care for their loved ones. Group 2 embarked on their second project with unabated enthusiasm, designing unique lamps and clocks that combined functionality with artistic flair, eager to bring their imaginative designs to life.

In the art studio, students learned the delicate art of casting compositions by blending natural and artificial mediums, resulting in stunning pieces of art that reflected a harmonious balance between the organic and the man-made.

In Robotics, the older age group worked on their collaborative projects using programming software.

As Day 8 came to a close, the campers left with a sense of accomplishment and a spark of creativity that promised even greater things in the days to come. The summer heat may be relentless, but the spirit of our young artists and performers remains undiminished, ready to conquer each day with passion and joy.

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