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 Pathways World School Gurgaon - Parents Speak

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Pathways World School Gurgaon

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Parents’ Speak

We wanted to express our immense gratitude for the incredible progress we've seen in our daughter, Dhanika Sharma, since joining your school. Transitioning from her earlier school to Pathways World School was initially challenging, but your support and guidance have made all the difference. Dhanika's transformation, from struggling to settle in to eagerly embracing school life, is truly remarkable. Her improved fluency, confidence, and enthusiasm are a testament to the nurturing environment you provide. Heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, coordinators, and support staff for their dedication and care. We are so grateful for the positive impact you've had on Dhanika's journey.

Dhanika Sharma’s Mother & Father

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible difference all the teachers have made in Aadhira's life. The transformation in her behaviour, communication skills, and ability to reason and respond logically is remarkable. Aadhira's growth from grade 1 to grade 2 is astounding, and I genuinely believe your guidance has been instrumental. Thank you for going the extra mile & putting invaluable efforts in Aadhira's journey. Your dedication and commitment to her growth are deeply appreciated.

Aadhira Mahajan's Mother

As parents we have seen a big change in her, as advika started showing courage & her interest in outdoor activities, willingness to study. We wish to thank you for being there for my child putting in your efforts wholeheartedly to help her settle. We also appreciate your guidance to us in helping our child to study. Your inputs are very meaningful to us.

Aadvika Yadav’s Mother

Kudos to entire Middle School team for hosting such amazing Annual Production. We’d like to express our appreciation to team for helping the students with costumes, make-up, taking good care of them throughout the event & practice sessions. I was delighted to see my children performing o stage with such confidence infact whole production was wholesome treat for entire audience.

Saurish & Kritvi Bindal’s Mother

We admire arrangements made & good care taken of students during 3 days of annual Adventure Camps. Even we as parents felt extremely comfortable with your reassurance about safety of our children during camps & details that were taken care of at the time of their boarding the bus early in morning. We also appreciate daily updates received from Primary School Team about children’s day-to-day activities. Our daughter has been raving about camp since she returned which is a great testament of love & care given to students by teachers during the camps. Thank you for creating such lovely memories for her.

Kiana Sawhney’s Mother

I wanted to share joy & satisfaction both me a & my child have been feeling since he joined Pathways. Getting to Pathways wasn't an easy decision as Dhanesh wasn't very willing to move to India. But my aim of getting my child stability, culture & awareness along with good education has been fulfilled at Pathways. I’d like to thank you for your support & patience in helping Dhanesh settle at Pathways

Dhanesh Singh’s Mother

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts the school has made towards growth & development of Kush Sahu, who has cleared MYP5 exams with flying colours. He has become a lot more confident in his approach and mannerism since the time he joined the School. We also appreciate the most efficient manner in which the online classes were held during the pandemic ensuring that the students did not miss their lessons & other learning experiences.

Khush Sahu’s Father

I’d personally like to thank everyone here at Pathways who have brought up my wards Maahira & Aditya Mahajan. They have been studying at this school for almost 10 years and it has been a very rewarding journey. I want to thank the school for shaping them into people they are today & for all things they’ve learned in relation to academics & life in general. They have achieved what they have today because of Pathways & we are eternally grateful for that. I’d like to mention that we love environment of school, especially greenery & open spaces. We truly appreciate infrastructure & facilities school has provided for students to enjoy their learning experiences here. I am grateful to Pathways for supporting my children in their personal growth and helping them to be what they are today.

Maahira & Adita Mahajan’s Mother

I want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your guidance to Aarav throughout the year. With your able guidance, Aarav developed a keen interest in reading & writing and has shown tremendous improvement in his grades over the last year. We really hope that Aarav continues with the same vigour and passion in his English language learning and keeps getting better and better each year.

Aarav Mahajan’s Father

I’d like to express my gratitude to you, for such a warm welcome to Sarthak during his pre-term tenure. I’m sure he’d blossom in an environment that has such kind, generous peers, supportive, inspiring and caring teachers.

Sarthak Bhatia’s Mother

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in helping my daughter to progress in her studies during the year. Your dedication and support in enhancing the learning experiences of the students are truly commendable.

Priyanshi Aggarwal’s Father

It has been a very smooth pre-term period for our daughter, Aarya. We are very impressed with nurturing, overall support & development the Pre-Term Mentors provide to students. We feel blessed seeing her settling in so well in her academics & boarding, our decision to put her in this school was truly justified. The facilities & infrastructure have added to the wonderful experience that not only the students but parents enjoy at Pathways.

Aarya Agrawal’s Mother

This academic year was filled with lots of uncertainty and I must congratulate you that Pathways has done a great job in making sure that learning never stops. The academic calendar was followed to the T, from inter-house competitions to annual production, everything was done to try to keep things as normal for the child as possible. Not every school has done it. My heartfelt appreciation to you for achieving this feat. I’d like to express my joy in seeing the wonderful impact the teachers have made on my daughter. They have done a commendable job in boosting the confidence of the students despite the challenges and difficult times during the pandemic.

Brinda Saluja’s Mother

We would like to extend our gratitude to the school, and its' teachers for ensuring that learning never ceases despite the adversities and challenges of the pandemic. The support & guidance that Anshuman received from all his teachers and mentors have helped him to realize his potential and add new dimensions to his personality. A special mention to all teachers who have taught Anshuman through his PYP years making his learning a joyful & meaningful experience. Anshuman did go not a step or two further but, many. All this was possible because of able leadership & guidance of Primary School Principal.

Anhsuman Nagpal’s Mother

We would like to express our appreciation to the school for helping my son Evyaan settle into school so well. All our anxieties about this aspect have been put to rest with the overall support received from the school. My son has started to enjoy his time in school as he shares with us his various learning experiences.

Evyaan Pal’s Mother

Words fall short to express my gratitude for an amazing year that went by with you around Reyansh. I‘ve to say it was best start to the school for Reyansh having you as his tutor in very first year! I’ll always be grateful to you for being there for my child, paying close attention to my child's problems and bringing them to my attention. We feel that Reyansh has outdone himself with your sincere efforts & teachings. It is fabulous to see him grow as a confident & principled boy.

Reyanash Rai’s Father

We would like share our experiences with Siddhartha’s journey in Primary School. We have been associated with the School for 5 years and in our first visit to the school we were convinced of our choice of Pathways was the school for him. From not being able to read basic Grade 1 books to becoming a voracious reader, confidence & personal growth are quite apparent in Siddhartha. The credit for this goes to his teachers, other than infrastructure & facilities, it is faculty that contributes to foundation of a good institution & this truly applies to Pathways. The culture of school which provides equal opportunities to all children is what makes the journey special for all.

Siddhartha Manaktala’s Mother

It's been a rollercoaster for us as well, as it was Kautilya's first year away from home but we truly appreciated support of school in helping our child assimilate into the new environment and honing his skills.

Kautilya Malhotra’s Father

My son Abhiraj Bansal joined Pathways in the Grade 6 preterm & we feel privileged to be a part of Pathwaysian family. The School has very supportive & helpful Residence Parents who help boarders settle which is very reassuring for parents.

Abhiraj Bansal

I am mother of a special Pathwasian who is climbing ladders of success today in one of the best U.S. Universities. Why I mentioned him as a “special” Pathwasian, because, when everybody warned me that this student needs special schooling due to his disabilities like dyslexia, dyscalculia & attention deficit disorder & an Essential Tremor, it was Pathways that accepted him as a student, and we never regretted our decision. Jaspreet Singh Paul, passed out from Pathways and secured admission at Ohio Wesleyan University with a scholarship. He was truly blessed to have best teachers who formed his future & the guidance & mentorship he received from them helped him reach where he is today.

Jaspreet Singh Paul’s Mother

Our congratulations and heartfelt thanks for yet another incredible production. It never ceases to amaze us how the school manages to bring out the best in the children every year, even as it raises the bar with each successive production. It is also very rare to find such a talented group of faculty members in one institute, we must say.

Vaishnavi & Vivaan Mishra’s Mother

We’ve had an incredible journey with Pathways through the medium of our son, Arun Banerjee. I must say that we did apprehend destabilization when Arjun joined Pathways. However, not only was the transition smooth but, both my son & we experienced a sense of belonging & success.

Arjun Banerjee Father

Wishing Staff at PWSA a stupendous Independence Day. I’m sure school while providing an international outlook will continue to enthuse national pride in minds & hearts of impressionable children. Being one of very few armed forces officers whose child is in your care at school, I say with immense satisfaction that school lives up to every word that has been written in independence day message. May the school continue to flourish & children make the school & nation proud.

Sahej Bevli’s Father

We’d like to express our gratitude to school for the nurturing role it has played in sustaining Etaash's learning journey and valuable experience of school life. School plays an important role in every student's life, and we find that For Etaash, PWS teachers and staff have honed and supported his interests. Thanks to the entire pathways community.

Etaash Katiya’s Father

We thank you for the amazing job you do. We feel that Isha couldn’t have been in better hands & we can't express enough our appreciation for all you have done. Isha has grown & matured a great deal in all aspects over the last year. It has been wonderful to see her being challenged to do better & it is reflective in her writing skills, her love for poetry, her reflections, research work & even math, which she has greatly enjoyed this year. She has become such a keen observer & so sensitive to the people around her especially you as she has watched you do things to perfection which she has strived to emulate. We wish you and your family a restful summer.

Isha Thanka’s Mother

We would like to express our gratitude to you for your support and motivation as the teacher of our son Aditya. We are appreciative of the teaching style which truly encourages the child to remain inspired to learn and share more. The enthusiasm and happiness that we have seen in our child is truly an outcome of your endeavour to keep a positive environment in your classroom. You have played a key role in moulding our son into a better human being.

Aditya Arora’s Father

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your efforts in making Ashvath’s learning journey a joyful one. We have seen an immense change from the little child who joined to the enthused reader he has become today, reading and writing with such a flair. We would like to thank you for making our child understand from right to wrong and for your commitment towards his overall growth and development.

Ashvath Rana’s Parents

Thank you for being an inspirer, a true mentor to your students. Your support to the parents and effort in making us a part of our child’s learning journey in school is appreciated. You value each child for their uniqueness and strength and provide a motivating environment in your class. We feel reassured to see Aryam looking up to you and enjoying his education in the wonderful atmosphere you have provided to your students.

Aryam Ahuja’s Mother

It makes me feel excited & happy to be a Pathways parent. I’m part of this wonderful educational institute since the year 2011. My journey has been a true pleasure. I’d like to commend the way everything is handled by Admissions team, pleasantness, smile continue to be experienced even up to Student Residences which gives parents a lot of reassurance when they drop their children off at Boarding. The Residence Parents receive calls from parents at oddest hours & deal with them with patience & understanding. I’d like to express a heartfelt thank you to all teachers for their relentless support for my elder son who graduated in 2016 and my younger one who is in Grade 11. My children have shaped up to be disciplined and have learned great values at Pathways, for which I am truly grateful.

Dhananjaya Arora’s Mother

We’d like to extend hearty congratulations to the students, team at Pathways World School, 2018 PYP exhibition that stood out for exceptional quality of models, depth of research/ attention to detail & most importantly the personal transformation it has caused in students. This was an inspiring example of how an activity can be used as a tool to sharpen the student’s intellect & deepen student sensitivity to issues that matter in today’s context – the choice of topics/ themes was perfect!

Nikhil Nalam’s Mother

I see my daughter Vaishnavi as a completely transformed child, she used to be an introvert child but now I feel she is more of an extrovert, wants to participate in all competitions held at Pathways or outside. I am very happy to see her performance apart from studies. I also know that nothing is possible without your guidance and support too. I want to thank all of you for providing wings to Vaishnavi so that she can fly & explore everything that is possible at Pathways.

Vaishnavi Mishra’s Father

I just wanted to thank you and the staff for putting up such a wonderful annual day production. I thought the kids did a tremendous job but we know that behind the scenes there is a lot of effort from so many people - so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Every aspect from script to costumes, directing, props, lighting, choreography music, dance was beautifully & seamlessly executed. The use of visual effects this year was amazingly done & was a great idea. For example, the creative & extended use of stage space was excellent & something totally different (the castle on panini). Thank you once again for a great evening & do extend our deep appreciation to all staff, support staff for always being there & looking out for our kids.

Willow & Clover Elvin’s Mother

Many congratulations to you & your team for putting up an impressive annual production. We were overwhelmed with joy to see our daughter Aarika performing confidently on stage dancing elegantly& with poise & our son whose dancing techniques have now reached another level. Thanks for seeing the talent in our child & nurturing it so beautifully. Overall the show was incredible, the theme, the setting, performances, costumes, designing, everything was grand and we came back home with lovely memories.

Aarika Srivastava’s Father

This message is to inform you about some recent changes that I’ve seen in Ahana as she grows more responsible, confident & focused. It is a proud moment for any parent to see the child evolve & become so very responsible, self-managed at such a young age. Would like to congratulate school authorities for helping her evolve so beautifully as she discovers her talents & aptitudes.

Ahana Gupta’s Mother

I am writing to you to express that Shaurya & I have spent extensively enriching & engaging time within the Primary school. Shaurya started his educational journey as a tiny tot within Pathways. His learnings, confidence, balanced demure are all derived from his years at Primary School. He is well-rooted within Pathways & his school is deeply etched in his persona. Due to the very dedicated, demonstrative, sensitive, exemplified approach of all his teachers, Shaurya developed multifaceted skills, knowledge, learnings, application & implementation across the board. The entire credit for his transformational journey goes to

Shaurya Yadav’s Mother

The last 4 years have been wonderful for Aarshiya & I’ve seen her develop into a confident, warm, intelligent child who is equipped to make wise choices even at such a tender age. As a parent, I have beautiful memories of all events, performances seeing the happy face of my child singing in the choir. A heartfelt thanks to all music & dance teachers for inculcating a lifelong interest in her. That's what Pathways does, making learning simple but deeply rooted. I’m truly indebted to all teachers who have loved, taught & embedded the right values to bring out the best in her.

Aarshiya Sharma’s Mother

Grade 12 is appearing for finals and in just a few days will leave Pathways. Amritesh, like most other students, is already feeling the emotions of leaving their alma mater. We would like to express our gratitude to you and your team for your kind understanding & compassionate handling of our son Amritesh's needs, requirements over the period of 4 years he has spent under your tutelage. Your painstaking grooming & character-building will doubtless stand him well in his life ahead.

Amritesh Daga’s Father

This is my heartfelt feedback on wonderful annual production put up by entire primary school. I’d like to congratulate entire team of students & teachers who put up such professionally executed sincere performance. Each scene of the show was a treat to the eyes and the grandeur and overall quality of the show was simply beyond our expectations. Each and every child was so involved in their performance and connected so well with the audience. These little kids completely owned the show &their parent, grandparents felt so lucky and proud to witness their talents showcased through Mowgli's journey!

Samarth & Baani Mehandru’s Father

As parents of your student Ekko Zarayskiy, we would like to express our gratitude to you and your colleagues for an opportunity to enjoy the Primary School Annual Production. Ekko has joined the school recently and participated in the production for the first time. We were surprised that, being a novice to India and the Pathways school, he genuinely enjoyed preparation process and the performance itself. We appreciated high standard of event organization & management, as well as creativity, efforts of teachers & students. The overall experience far exceeded our expectations from an in-house school production. In fact, it was a professionally made show! It left us captivated by the charm and goodwill of the staff members and school leaders. We are grateful to become part of the Pathways community.

Ekko Zarayskiy’s Father

I am writing to express our thank you for acknowledging and rewarding Samarth's Grade 7 journey with the outstanding academic achievement award. A heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for contributing towards his growth and development. It is an extremely proud and joyous moment for us as his sister, Avantika is also being awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement and Music Awards for Grade 5. These awards go a long way in motivating and encouraging the children to work towards building an academic journey which will be momentous and memorable.

Samarth Chopra’s Parents

We wish to share my feedback regarding the Hindi language classes being attended by Kabier in Grade 4. The efforts put in by the Hindi department and the teachers are praiseworthy. We have witnessed an improvement in Kabier’s listening and writing skills. He has shown significant progress in his abilities to read the Hindi text and speak meaningfully & effectively. We’d like to thank the teachers for their patience and determined efforts in making the Hindi classes an enjoyable learning experience for Kabier. We hope that he continues to be encouraged to learn & love his mother tongue.

Kabier Malik’s Father

As the school closes today I remember the day when I decided to choose Pathways for my daughter, Nikshika. There were many doubts, especially regarding the road that leads to Pathways, the kind of tutoring that would be available to her in Pathways. Today after a brief period of 2 months I can say that probably this is best decision I’d ever make for my ward. Her linguistic skills in Hindi, English have shown tremendous improvement. She treats school as her 1st home now. Everything that you taught her has been so subtle, effortless for her that now it has become a part of her personality. I’d like to thank you for immense change that you’ve brought out in personality of Nikshika in such a short period.

Nikshika Kumar’s Father

As parents, we know perfect schools & perfect teachers are staff are hard to find, but for us, you all have been best for our children. We acknowledge the contribution that you all have made in the journey through their early education. Thank you for the love & care you have given to Sarah & Geet each day, we truly appreciate that. I’d like to say a big thank You for all your efforts. It has been a delight knowing you all.

Sarah & Geet Dhooria’s Parents

As this academic year comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Anu for all your support and contributions from helping Ahana to settle down and to be an inspiration in my little one’s life. She seems to have grown so much in these last few months, her concepts are much clearer, her thought process more analytical and yes she is more expressive but best of all is the fact that she likes going to school and enjoying the experience. Thank you for your time, your patience, your ability to help Ahana settle down so well. Thank you for all your hard work. We truly appreciate it.

Ahana Gupta’s Mother

Thank you for guiding me to your esteemed institution for my daughter Sonal and I shall like to express my gratitude to the team at Pathways World School Gurgaon for the professional support extended to my family. As shared with you our family was at a crucial stage of taking the right decision for Sonal on the choice of board (IBDP or ISC) for her Class XIth to facilitate her learning experience along with her preference for subjects of interest. Our multiple queries at the time of admission were answered very patiently. I shall like to appreciate the well-planned admission process specifically the interactions with Head Academics and IBDP-Coordinator who asked us the right questions about our thought process for higher education and we were guided suitably. We were impressed by the transparent, frank and right advice given to us by the team irrespective of the fact that we may not join your school and demonstrates the high standards of ethics imbibed in the institution.

Sonal Bhatia’s Father

Congratulations!! on helping the students put on a great show. William Shakespeare has deep meaning messages in his plays but the way the students presented it was truly applaudable. This level of quality could only come together with attention to detail by the entire team of teachers, various experts who supported the students. The variety created by adding dances was clearly well thought through plan to learn & yet make it very interesting for the viewers. The detail of thought in the script, t using technology to record beforehand, background music took the entire production to a much higher level. Truly a great learning for children & enjoyable for both performers and viewers. For sure, high-value education happens outside the classroom & middle school production is a great example.

Meher & Suhail Thandi’s Father

I am truly impressed with the award ceremony today as always. Every function in school is a class apart. The performances by the children was fantastic. Along with how wonderfully the children were handed out awards. I am proud of being a parent of Pathways. The teachers put in so much to bring out the best in our kids. From education to culture & sports everything is so emphasized. I loved the dances & the drama put up by the boys. Thank you to everyone for providing such a lovely school to our children and thanks to each & every member of the faculty for all that they do.

Ananya Agarwalla’s Mother

My warmest greetings to you all of you from the Middle East. I am very pleased to tell you that Adam has now started his studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and hearty appreciation to you all for the unreserved support you have given to Adam during his stay in Pathways. I thank you so much for your understanding, your patience and the love and compassion you have shown to Adam. He would not be where he is now without your support. Thank you so much. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the faculty members, the administration staff, the dorm moms and supervisors, the general service staff, the finance staff & all others for supporting Adam & helping him to reach this stage.

Adam Amare Lemma’s Father

I am writing this letter to give you something to cheer about. Both Priyankaa and Akanksha started classes here in the US, after we moved out of India. Both of them have been able to adapt so easily to the new environment, thanks to the wonderful education and environment they received in Pathways. They are both doing so well in academics thanks to the foundation that Pathways laid in them. Apart from the academics, the girls have approached their new situations in life with such confidence, participating in everything, making new friends and adapting so well to the new culture on the whole and new classroom/school culture and ethos particularly. Thank you to Pathways for the part it has played in moulding and growing our children to adapt to the global stage and be equal if not more, in every aspect of their student lives. I shall always remain a Pathwaysian parent!

Priyankaa & Akanksha Bhatia’s Mother

This session is coming to an end and soon our daughter Ashita will graduate from Pathways finally like her brother Eshaan did a few years back. It seems only just some time back that we bought Ashita and Eshaan to Pathways. With them, we also became family members of the school's community. We are truly appreciative of the support that all teachers have given to our children. We have no words but appreciation comes from the bottom of our hearts for bringing out the best in Eshaan and Ashita, giving right direction to them in our absence. Both Eshaan and Ashita will keep name of school on a high platform by being good human beings and great achievers.

Eshaan & Bhatnagar’s Parents

Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thank you team Pathways for what has been an excellent 2-year academically, socially & on the sports field for our daughter Anuja Vora Class 12. It’s been a joy to watch her flourish as she has. The nurturing school environment you’ve created has been exactly what she needed. The involvement and enthusiasm shown by you are worth emulating. I take this opportunity to thank you once again and wish that you continue to provide your guidance and support to the vision of Providing quality education to all children

Anuja Vora’s Father

My daughter Mayumi joined Pathways in 2011 with a heavy heart & many issues. She was low on confidence, self-esteem and had major problems with her social skills. My reservations of sending her so far away from home and her comfort zone was removed the day we came for interaction at Pathways. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth, openness given to us by all at the Admissions Office. The entire process was conducted professionally and with a clear understanding of the needs of my child and the insecurities felt by a parent. My daughter was mainstreamed after being under your care for just 2.5 years. I want to express my sincere gratitude & appreciation for all the support you have provided. Without your compassion & the efforts put together by the SEN team, my child would not be where she is today. Thank you so much for understanding her potential, her strengths, weaknesses, guiding her in the right direction. My husband & I dont have enough words to express our gratitude for transforming Mayumi into a happy, confident & academically capable child.

Mayumi Nongrum’s Parents

We want to share with you our experience & feelings about Middle school in Pathways and what it has meant to Deeya and us. During our very first visit to Pathways World School we were awestruck by the openness and spontaneous warmth of the reception and admissions staff. Instead of the uncomfortable grilling, we had expected at the interview, we were led through an admissions procedure that was remarkable for the depth of the sincere interaction to understand the profile and needs of the applicant student. The entire process was conducted very professionally and with empathy. Pathways has been like a very stimulating breath of fresh air both for Deeya and us. The transparent and participatory system of communicating with and keeping parents closely involved in the educational journey of their child is most comforting and seems unique compared to even the iconic public schools of yesteryears. We owe a great deal to all the devoted teachers &instructors of middle school who taught Deeya and especially the SEN faculty under whose caring and, in Deeya’s words, kind and patient tutelage, Deeya has literally come out of her ‘shell’, which gives us great hope that she will grow responsibly to find her own happy place in the world by achieving her full potential.

Deeya Kagti’s Parents

Our daughter Muskaan Soni Grade 9H joined Pathways in the academic year 2012-2013. She was a shy child and low on confidence and self-esteem but Muskaan today is just the opposite of all this. Today we are happy proud and extremely contented parents who have been a part of the journey from failures and disappointments over just a few months upon arrival in Pathways witnessed a sea of change brought over our daughter because of the amply skilled capable and loving team of the SEN group. We don’t have enough words to express our gratitude for transforming Muskaan into a happy confident and academically focused Student. Having said all this we also know that Muskaan still has a long way to go in her academics and social skills but we are certain she is in the right hands Please accept our sincere thanks for helping Muskaan discover her true self with your skill, expertise and support.

Muskaan Soni’s Mother

I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you and your entire team for transforming my son Ishan to be the person he is today, a good human-being, a strong character and displaying concern and care for others. My vision for him to participate in a lot of activities has come true at Pathways and this is all due to the support, encouragement he has received from you & his teachers. I was surprised when he received the ‘Chairman’s Award’ at his Graduation Ceremony and my heart was full of gratitude towards the School. I am extremely happy with our decision to send our son to Pathways. The environment that the school has provided to the students. My son never felt homesick and Pathways was his home away from home

Ishaan Jhunjhunwala’s Mother

I am writing this e-mail to you, to express my sincere gratitude and heartiest appreciation for all the support given to my son Adam, without which he would not have been able to continue in Pathways. Thank you so much for understanding my son’s potential, his strengths and weaknesses and guiding him in the right direction. We are thankful for the patience and understanding given to Adam by the Principal, Residence Parents and his teachers at all times.

Adam Amare’s Father

We would like to express our appreciation for the annual production of Primary School. We are new parents at Pathways and have kids in Grades 4 and 2 respectively. We were delighted to see our little ones perform on stage and conduct themselves beautifully. It was a great production with the classics being enacted. Our kids are still singing songs from the various classics that were presented. Our children have has blossomed under the tutelage of their teachers.

Samarth & Avantika Chopra’s Parents

As the year comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for guiding Vatsalya and equipping him with skills to face the new challenges of the written task in English. The strategies suggested by you during our meeting in March, to improve his written task have really helped him to organise his work better. I’ve to add that my son adores you as a teacher and he says that English is his favourite subject. Thank you once again for being such a fine teacher to my son.

Vatsalya Saini’s Mother

We can't thank you enough for being there and nurturing Aditya over the last 2 years. He'll surely miss you too, and I as a parent would still look up to you for guidance and support. Thank you so much for being such an outstanding teacher, friend and guide to Aditya.

Aditya Gulati’s Father

This letter is in tremendous appreciation for the effort taken by your team to get Mansher through SEN stage on to mainstream of Pathways World School. Mansher was a difficult student when he joined Pathways, and at the end of his first year we learnt that our son had difficulty in holding his attention for any length of time. Once the problem was identified, it was decided that Mansher should join the SEN class. The teachers in the SEN Dept took the responsibility to take care of Mansher’s problems. They inspired tremendous confidence in us, and we were sure that it was just a matter of time before Mansher's problem was addressed. Without their effort, I am not quite sure where we would have ended up. We cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for their commitment to getting Mansher back to Main Stream.

Mansher Singh’s Parents

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you all for the love and care you have shown towards both my daughters: Preksha and Kritika. For the last four years that I have been associated with Pathways as a parent, I know that my daughters will never get an environment like Pathways anywhere.

Preksha & Kritika Golchha’s Mother

Both my girls have actually been nurtured in the Primary School at Pathways, Pragya who began her formal school years here & Medha who joined Pathways, when she was actually 2 months and 26 days old. Just a short note, to appreciate the efforts and care which have gone into the academic and co-curricular program of my daughter Pragya Jhingran in Grade 3. She has definitely emerged more confident, responsible and organized through the rigors of this particular year. I am thrilled to see the way, she assists the younger sibling Medha in going about her little affairs. I cannot help but pass on the compliments which we receive for our children, whenever we are amidst a gathering of friends & families with their children in similar age groups. Be it their sharing attitude, their leadership & confidence or their reservoir of knowledge, they grab attention and we love it.

Pragya & Medha Jhingran’s Parents

With great pleasure, I wish to inform you that my daughter who joined the school in the month of August is showing immense change and improvement in terms of her personality. She used to be an extremely shy kid. Thanks to the school's environment, teaching methods, the exposure given to her and last but not least, the absolutely fantastic support given to her by both her form teachers, she is blossoming into a very confident individual. She is very excited to experiment with new ideas and implement them. She is excelling in her language and IT skills and enjoys other subjects as well. She is very excited to be a part of this school and enjoys and looks forward to the Company of her friends. This is a huge change for her in just a few months.

Anushkha Thakur’s Mother

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pathways World School, especially Mrs. Paramjit Narang to accept Radhika as a student five years ago. I am indebted to Anupama and the entire SEN department for supporting Radhika not just by remedial help but more importantly giving her the much-needed encouragement at every step of her struggle. This was a great turnaround for a child who was losing confidence because of her learning disabilities. I would like to applaud the untiring efforts that Pathways is making towards establishing a strong SEN department. From an insecure and introverted child, my daughter has become a very confident & assertive young woman. No words are enough to express my gratitude to Pathways World School for bringing this change in my daughter.

Radhika Sagar’s Mother

I am very pleased to inform you that Raghav has been designated as a Brand Ambassador for WWF, as of yesterday. The team was very impressed by his ability to interact independently, hold his own conversations, and talk intelligently about Conservation, Global warming issues etc. I wish to put in writing the wonderful role Pathways has played in nurturing Raghav to become such an inquisitive and challenge-seeking child. In only 8 months since we returned from Scotland, Raghav has made great strides. I wish to appreciate the untiring effort put in by his class teachers to always encourage Raghav to reach his potential.

Raghav Subramaniam’s Mother

I write to congratulate the entire SEN team for taking extra care and supporting Kormi. We cannot believe that he is the same low-confident child who kept doubting his capability. Our child had found the ideal place to grow and develop in all ways at Pathways. After being identified as a slow learner and incapable of making it academically in his previous school, Kormi had lost his confidence & self-esteem but with the support of the SEN Team at Pathways, he has gained confidence and a sense of worth. We are sure that our son will continue to do well not only academically but as a photographer and a soccer player. We thank God that we chose Pathways for our son's education and feel so fortunate as we watch him emerge as a confident, earnest child which very few schools today are able to deliver.

Kormiyaki Lamarr’s Parents

It gives me immense pleasure, a feeling of pride and satisfaction that I made the right decision in choosing 'Pathways' as the School for my son, Vikram. Over the last months we have observed positive changes in his behaviour. We are extremely happy to see these changes in our son and know that these have only been possible with the efforts and support of his teachers in the school. We are totally reassured that Vikram is in the right hands and thank you for making my son a better individual.

Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar’s Mother

This is to express our appreciation and joy over seeing such wonderful changes that we can see in our daughter Samara which no doubt is attributed to the learnings in School and the PYP profiles that the students are being taught. She has learnt important aspects of life like saving of water and electricity and also donating of her old clothes and toys. Many such gestures and actions are surprising us pleasantly and we give total credit for this to the school. She is not only learning the PYP attributes but living them as well! Kudos to you and her wonderful teachers and mentors for bringing out the best in my child and making her such a concerned, caring and responsible child.

Samara Singh’s Mother

This is to share with all of you our heartfelt thanks for being good guides, friends & mentors to our child Rahul, through the Grade 5 journey. Today, back from school, while removing the head boy badge, I could see the sorrow on his face for this being his last day in the Primary School. I don’t have enough words to thank all his Primary School teachers for the support and a lot of opportunities that he has received in school which has helped him evolve into a confident child.

Rahul Kumar’s Parents

Kudos to you for achieving the Times Excellence Award! I stand proud to be a Pathways parent, as it fully deserves this award. All the support and the care the students get from their teachers and mentors resulting in their success in many aspects is a true testimonial of this award. This award speaks volumes about Team Pathways. What truly is praiseworthy is the school's student-centric approach. Pathways has actually turned this approach into its philosophy and it has been ingrained in its staff so well that the result is for all of us to see. I have never seen a school which is so fruitfully following the student-centric approach which truly benefits its students and its staff who is carrying this tradition to bring Pathways to where it has reached! Once again, Kudos to Team Pathways!

Aamodini Gupta’s Parents

I take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks for the kindness, support and courtesty extended to us during our interaction with you and all the concerned staff in the school for the admission of my children. We are confident that Pathways would give them the right kind of development required at this stage of life along with the safety and care required in a boarding school. We are sure that living in Pathways will instil the right kind of self-responsibility and independence in them, laying a strong foundation for their future studies. As a parent I feel I have made the best choice for my children and we will be most happy to extend our cooperation and support to make the kids realize their full potential.

Sudiksha & Suvedha Dhoot’s Mother

I am father of Subrat Sekhar Rath who completed his IB diploma from Pathways World School May 2012. He is leaving for the USA tomorrow to join the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering at Valparaiso University, Indiana. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for all the support given to Subrat during his difficult phase of adapting to IB from CBSE when he joined Pathways two years back, specifically from the Counselling Dept and the College College Dept which not only helped him gain confidence but also secure an admission in the right university with a scholarship. I must congratulate you the school for having a highly committed team of teachers who go all the way to support the students.

Subrat Sekhar Rath’s Father

This is to thank you & teachers at Pathways for the encouragement and academic inputs given to Aryaman which helped him do well in IGCSE. He has scored his best ever grades in all his subjects which has motivated him to do even better in the DP years. I cannot help comparing the approach of his previous school and that of Pathways. In his earlier school, we were almost made to feel that there was no place for a student who was trying hard whereas at Pathways, both his successes and disappointments have been looked at positively by the teachers and it is undoubtedly this approach of encouragement which uplifted his morale and got him a good result at IGCSE. Big thanks to you for giving our children an Educational Institution & not just an academic institution.

Aryaman Khanna’s Father

Congratulations and many thanks to team Pathways for making our child's schooling such a wonderful experience. It is heartening to see our child loving the school and enjoying his learning experience.

Garima & Krisha Trivedi’s Mother

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