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Pathways World School Gurgaon

Flagship Campus of Pathways Schools.
Consistently Ranked #1 Top International Day cum Boarding School in Delhi & Gurgaon.

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Below you'll find answers to the most common questions you may have about Boarding at Pathways. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, Contact Us!

Pathways Residences FAQ

A boarding experience provides an environment and support system that promotes good mental health as well as life skills that allows students to become self-reliant and take responsibility for themselves. It also provides students with a more holistic education beyond book smarts. Students also gain from connecting with people from different cultures, ages and personalities and often build stronger ties and social networks.

At Pathways, boarding is offered to students from Grade 3 onwards.

Pathways offers Flexible Boarding Options; Day Boarding, Week Boarding, Fortnight Boarding and Term Boarding are carefully curated options that suit the needs and the preferences of students and parents Know More.

Pathways fee structure includes a composite school fee and a composite residences fee. The fee includes all teaching and other expenses such as food, housing, standard stationery kit, labs and library, co-curricular activities, sports etc. for the academic year. View the Detailed Fee Structure here .

Our campus is located in Gurgaon (Aravali Retreat), just an hour from the Delhi Airport. We offer for parents to be picked up and dropped from the airport or a location convenient to them. For outstation parents, we also welcome parents to stay on campus while going through the admission process. Get in touch to Plan Your Visit.

Yes, we offer trials in our boarding houses where you may experience life at Pathways. Get in touch with us to Schedule a Trial

Parents must fill out an Online Application Form followed by which an in-person or virtual interaction and written assessment is conducted to ascertain the level of the child. Post assessment the school may decide to grant or deny the admission. Click here for the detailed Admission Process.

Yes, we offer rolling admission throughout the year. Click here to Apply Now.

We have twin-sharing spacious study bedrooms with attached bathrooms ensuring privacy, freedom and most importantly a homely ambience for each student. Each floor also has a common room where students can unwind, socialise, study and play.

Take a 360° tour of the Room and Washroom

Yes, particularly if you live more than a couple of hours away from the campus. The purpose of the local guardian is to represent the parent as and when required, particularly on short notice.

Yes, if the request, along with tickets are sent well in time, the school will arrange them to be accompanied by an escort. However, this facility is only for the beginning and end of term, and during the mid-term break. For exeats, the responsibility lies with the parent or local guardian.

We have a fully functioning infirmary with a Resident Medical Officer and a team of 5 nurses who are on campus and on call 24/7 for primary care. We also have tie ups with several of the top specialist hospitals for referrals and secondary care.

In case your child is on medication the medical staff keeps the medicines with them and ensures the are dispersed at the appropriate times.

Exeat weekends are weekends where students may leave the campus with either their parents or local guardians. Certain weekends are marked as “non exeat” as on those days the students need to be on campus for extra classes or a school event.

Students may leave by 3:15pm – 3:30pm on Friday afternoons and must return to school by 6:00pm on Sunday evening.

Yes, the first prep (before dinner) is attended by teachers of different subjects on rotation. Closer to the exams, several teachers come to the residences after dinner as well as in the afternoons on the weekends to address boarders’ academic needs.

Pathways World School runs a state-of-the-art, modern fully equipped kitchen, and dining hall. With Multi-cuisine Meals, our food is prepared under strict hygiene norms to ensure quality and a good nutrition for every child. While the cuisine is primarily vegetarian, our boarders are offered non-vegetarian options three times a week at a venue adjoining the campus.

  • Breakfast: 8:30am | Mid-morning Snack: 10:15
  • Lunch 12:30pm | After School Snack: 3:15pm
  • After Sports Snack: 6:00pm | Dinner: 7:30 pm
  • After Dinner Milk: 9:30pm

There are a range of activities from sports to hobbies, treks, film screenings etc. During normal times, students are taken out of campus on day trips as well, once or twice a month.

Uniform is available at the School Uniform Shop. Residence Parents will assist you in doing so.

All bedding is provided, but students are welcome to bring their own if they prefer.

No. There is no need for cash on the campus. Those travelling by flight at the end of term may deposit cash with their residence parents who will give it back to them at before they leave for home

Generic: Boarding School FAQ’s

Progressive International Boarding Schools offer various boarding options including week boarding, fortnight boarding & term boarding to suit the needs and preferences of students and parents.

A majority of international boarding schools provide merit or need based scholarship to exceptional, highly motivated and deserving students in fields ranging from academics, sports to the arts.

There are 4 IB boarding schools in Gurgaon.

Updated from the IBO Website, 2022

There are 5 IB boarding school in Delhi, NCR.

Updated from the IBO Website, 2022

There are 44 IB boarding schools in India

Updated from the IBO Website, 2022

Pathways World School is consistently ranked the Best Boarding School in Gurgaon since 2012 by the Education World C-Fore Survey.

Pathways World School is consistently ranked the best boarding school in Delhi NCR & North India since 2012 by the Education World C-Fore Survey.

Most international boarding school apart from the composite or tuition fees also include the residences / boarding fees, a meal fees and a security deposit to cover expenses while at school.

Different international schools charge different fees structures for their boarding facilities. The average fees structure for international boarding schools in Gurgaon range from INR 10,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 per annum.

Most International boarding schools expect a parent to Fill Out an Application Form followed by an interaction and written assessment usually in English and Math to ascertain the level of the child. Post assessment the school may decide to grant or deny the admission.

Most IB boarding schools offer rolling admission throughout the year.

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