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Dates: 22nd May - 1st June 2024

Open To: Grades 3 - 10

Program Fee: INR 45,000

Type: Residential

Highlights of the Camp

Pathways World School Gurgaon - Arts & Craft

Arts & Craft

Discover the world of imagination and creativity in our Art and Craft sessions. Campers will engage in hands-on activities, exploring various artistic mediums to express their unique visions. From painting to sculpture, this space is where young artists bring their imaginations to life.



Unleash the dramatic flair within! Theatre sessions at our camp are designed to boost confidence, foster teamwork, and ignite creativity. Campers will explore the magic of storytelling, improvisation, and stage presence, culminating in a showcase that captures the essence of their newfound theatrical skills.

Pathways World School Gurgaon - Theatre
Pathways World School Gurgaon - Dance


Move to the rhythm and express yourself through dance! Our dance sessions provide a vibrant space for campers to learn different dance forms, enhance coordination, and build confidence on the dance floor. It's an opportunity to let loose, have fun, and embrace the joy of movement.



From melodies to harmonies, our Music sessions offer a symphony of experiences. Campers will delve into the world of music, learning to play instruments, discovering their vocal talents, and collaborating with peers to create beautiful harmonies. Get ready for a musical journey filled with rhythm and melody.

Pathways World School Gurgaon - Music
Pathways World School Gurgaon - Design & technology

Design & Technology

Explore the intersection of creativity and technology in our Design & Technology sessions. Campers will delve into hands-on projects, learning the basics of design thinking, coding, and innovative problem-solving. From building prototypes to digital creativity, this area sparks the imagination of future innovators.


Nature Exploration

Step into the enchanting embrace of our Nature Exploration sessions, where the vast wonders of our 32-acre green campus become the ultimate classroom. From outdoor classrooms at the petting zoo to tree-planting initiatives, our green campus provides a picturesque backdrop for campers to cultivate a love for nature and instill a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Pathways World School Gurgaon - Nature Exploration
Pathways World School Gurgaon - Leadership & Self-Confidence

Leadership & Self-Confidence

Fostering leadership skills and self-confidence is at the core of our camp's mission. Through a combination of workshops, activities, and supportive environments, campers will gain a deeper understanding of themselves. This area focuses on building resilience, self-esteem, and a positive self-image, laying the foundation for personal growth and success.


What To Expect?


Engage in thrilling outdoor activities, team-building challenges, and nature exploration.

What To Expect?


Unleash your child's creativity through arts and crafts, workshops, and interactive sessions.

What To Expect?


Enrich the mind with educational workshops, cultural experiences, and hands-on learning.

What To Expect?


Build lifelong connections with campers from diverse backgrounds, creating a sense of community and camaraderie.

Parents Program

Pathways World School - Parents Program
Student Welcome
Wednesday, 22nd May

Rediscovering Minds will begin with a welcome for students. Arrival at the campus at 2 PM will be followed by registration and briefing. Children get to meet their fellow campers, the Residence Parents and the faculty who will be a part of their adventurous journey over the next 10 days. Once the campers settle down in their Residences, they will enjoy some rejuvenating ice-breaking activities.

Showcase Day
Saturday, 1st June

We will have a culmination event from 11 AM to 12:30 PM for participants to Showcase their learning with parents. The campers will share their stories and experiences. Thereafter the camp will end with a scrumptious lunch in the School Cafeteria for the campers and their parents.


When is the deadline for registering for the Summer Camp?

We operate on a rolling acceptance for camper registration. Camp spaces are limited and are filled on a first come basis. Registration closes on May 18, 2024.

The residential summer camp is designed for students aged between 8 and 16 years old (Grades 3 – 10). This age range ensures that activities are tailored to suit the developmental stages of participants.

The cost of the Pathways World School Summer Camp is INR 45,000. This fee covers all expenses including accommodations, meals, activities, course materials and other associated costs.

Cancellation requests made before May 08, 2024 are eligible for a 100% refund, cancellation requests made after this date are eligible for 50% refund.

Campers are accommodated in gender-segregated residences, with twin sharing bedroom and attached bathrooms, equipped with modern facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. They are supervised by experienced and trained Residence Parents.

We provide daily updates through newsbytes including photos, activity schedules, and important announcements. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to camp coordinators for any concerns.

Our camp provides nutritious and well-balanced vegetarian meals, catering to various dietary needs.

While we encourage campers to disconnect from electronic devices to fully immerse themselves in the camp experience, we understand the need for communication. Campers are allowed to bring mobile phones, iPads, and laptops for specific purposes.

Our staff is trained to help campers adjust and overcome homesickness. We create a positive and engaging environment, encourage open communication, and have support systems in place to address any emotional concerns.

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