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Exchanges & Expeditions

Pathways World School recognizes the significance of national and international conferences, expeditions and student exchanges for its students. India's diverse topography, rich flora and fauna offer exceptional resources for the expeditions and field visits that are demanded by our international curriculum.

In addition to exploring their local environment, students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in International exchanges with renowned International Baccalaureate schools across Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

These expeditions, exchanges and conferences offer students the chance to broaden their horizons and enhance their knowledge of different cultures, traditions and linguistic diversities. By exposing students to different environments, they gain a better understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and the importance of global cooperation and sustainability. In the process, our students also learn to play perfect hosts for visiting students, displaying their warmth and affability


PWS conducts annual educational and adventure camps for its students starting from Grade 2 and above. These camps are an integral part of the holistic approach to education, providing students with hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom walls.

The camps are designed to instil a sense of curiosity and appreciation for nature, while also fostering a stronger sense of interdependence and respect for the environment. Through these camps, students are exposed to new challenges and experiences that help them develop valuable life skills such as adaptability and conservation. They also learn the importance of preserving natural resources and gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between humans and the environment.


Round Square is an international network of over 230 like-minded schools in 50 countries that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences that develop global competence, character and confidence in our students. These schools share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility through Service, Challenge, Adventure, and International Understanding.

All member schools share a strong belief in learning by doing, an ongoing process of self-confrontation and formation. This approach aims to cultivate the complete and holistic development of every student, encompassing their academic, physical, cultural, and spiritual growth, within the supportive environment of their school community. Students participate in community service, work projects, exchange programmes and adventuring, which often take them half way across the world.

The Round Square “IDEALS” in our school

At PWS, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to the Round Square IDEALS since our inception. Our students commit themselves to personal and community development beyond just academic excellence. Students from various nationalities come together under one roof, and participate in exchanging ideas and cultural perspectives. They learn to be modern citizens, to be adventurous and to lead their peers through participation in Round Square and various other school activities. They also learn to look at the environment as a gift and strive to conserve it.

What being a Round Square school means?

Being a Round Square school means that we have the opportunity to interact with students, teachers and schools from all over the world. An opportunity to share our culture, exchange ideas and thoughts, break new boundaries and build lifelong friendships. Most importantly, being a Round Square school means being part of a platform that helps us develop ourselves into globally responsible citizens.

How to get involved

Round Square is open to students for the following age groups:

  • Age 11-14 (Grades 6-9)
  • Age 15 -18 (Grades 10-12)


Conferences: Every year, Round Square holds Regional (South Asia & Gulf) and International Conferences where participants deliberate upon contemporary global issues.

Service Projects: Round Square schools are constantly exploring opportunities to involve a larger cohort of students in service projects. As part of this effort, schools often collaborate on initiatives and undertake regional service projects.

Students who are interested in exploring the possibility of participating can contact the Round Square Representative for more information.

Ms. Sabeena Menon, PWS Round Square Representative sabeena.menon@pathways.in

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