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IB Diploma Programme (DP)


India's top school for the IB Diploma Programme.

The IB Diploma Programme is the most prestigious pre-university course in the world, designed to nurture academic excellence, civic responsibility, articulacy and international understanding. The IB Programme also develops superior analytical and study skills, so much so that many first-class universities, especially in North America, allow an IB Diploma holder to enter Year Two of a four year bachelor's course, thus saving a full year's tuition fees. The IB Diploma is a two year course in school and the examination is taken at the end of Grade 12. Designed as a comprehensive curriculum which allows its graduates to fulfill requirements of various national education systems including that of India, the Diploma is based on the pattern of no single country, but incorporates the best elements of many.

The IB DP is divided into six academic subjects groups and a central core.

Group 1
(Language & Literature)
Group 2
(Language Acquisition)
Group 3
(Individual &Societies)
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
(The Arts)
English A: Language & Literature HL/SL English B: HL/SL Economics HL/SL Biology HL/SL Math Analysis & Approaches HL/SL Visual Art HL/SL
English A: Literature HL/SL Hindi B: HL/SL Business & Management HL/SL Chemistry HL/SL Math Application & Interpretation HL/SL Dance SL**
Hindi A: Literature HL/SL Spanish B: HL/SL History HL/SL Physics HL/SL Theatre HL/SL
Self-Taught SL French B HL/SL Geography HL/SL Design Technology HL/SL Music HL/SL
Spanish Ab Initio SL Psychology HL/SL Computer Science HL/SL Film HL/SL
French Ab Initio SL Digital Society HL/SL Sports, Exercise & Health Science HL/SL
Environmental Systems and Societies SL Environmental Systems & Societies SL*
Global Politics HL/SL

*Interdisciplinary, **Anticipated Offer

The central core includes three components:

  • Extended Essay – a 4000 word thesis on a subject of interest to the student.
  • Theory of Knowledge – this invites students to question the basis of knowledge from their own perspective.
  • Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) – students must undertake and reflect on a variety of activities. These may include learning to play an instrument, improving sporting skills or being a reading mentor.

IB DP uses a seven-point grading scale ranging from 1 (the lowest level of achievement) to 7 (the highest level of achievement). Students are assessed both internally and externally, with a variety of assessment components including written exams, oral exams, essays, projects, and practical work. In addition to subject-specific assessments, students are also assessed on their performance in Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. The final grade out of 45 points (7 maximum points X 6 subjects) + 3 maximum points for the core.

Students must receive a minimum of 24 points receive the IB Diploma.

Students should take 3 higher level and 3 standard level subjects to fulfill the criteria of Diploma program. Student must take one subject from each group. Students may also take 3 sciences, for which prior approval is required from IB.

  • Students are allowed to take any other subject either from group 3 or 4 if Visual Art in Group 6 is not taken.
  • EVSS SL is an interdisciplinary subject available in Group 3 & 4.
  • Students are not allowed to take the following combination.
    • English A with English B
    • Hindi A with Hindi B
    • English A with Literature & Performance

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