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Pathways World School Gurgaon

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Day 4 of the camp was filled with enthusiasm and energy. In Design Technology, students focused on their project ideas, perfecting their filing and sanding techniques with various types of sandpaper, and adding vibrant colors to their creations. In Art, they enhanced their printmaking skills, experimenting with monochrome techniques and reverse print-outs to discover how technical knowledge can elevate their artworks. The Dance class buzzed with a lively discussion on the five elements of dance, as students prepared for their final presentation on showcase day for parents.

In Robotics, the younger kids explored the capabilities of temperature and sound sensors. They engaged in hands-on coding to create a clap-activated light program displaying the current temperature and a step counter to accurately count steps. Meanwhile, the older kids immersed themselves in Tinkercad, learning about circuits and using Arduino software to bring their project ideas to life.

In the morning, the younger students enjoyed water games in the swimming pool, having fun with friends and making a splash, while the other group participated in exciting obstacle challenges, testing their agility and teamwork. Group 2 also received an introduction to the basics of survival skills, adding a practical and adventurous element to their camp experience.

The campers are enjoying their meals and have made new friends, which is incredibly encouraging.

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