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As the sun rose on Day 6 of our vibrant summer camp, an atmosphere buzzing with energy and enthusiasm filled the air, rivaling even the exhilarating first day. The campers, divided into their respective groups, embarked on a series of dynamic activities designed to challenge their skills and ignite their passions. For the spirited cyclists in Group 2, the day began with an invigorating bicycle expedition. Group 1 enthusiasts tackled the obstacle challenges with boundless energy and determination. Each obstacle was a new frontier to conquer, testing their agility, strength, and perseverance.

The aspiring thespians of Group 1 delved into the enchanting world of theatre, focusing on the practical exploration of enacting a poem. Under the guidance of their mentor, they discovered the nuances of using memory power to learn their lines. The room buzzed with creative energy as they rehearsed, weaving the verses of the poem into a tapestry of emotion and expression. This exercise not only honed their memorization skills but also deepened their appreciation for the art of performance. Simultaneously, another set of Group 2 students immersed themselves in the world of theatre with a different focus. They completed their scripts and engaged in lively discussions about the roles they wished to explore through street plays and skits.

In the Design Technology workshop, creativity took center stage as students painted their creations and applied the finishing touches to their first products. The air was filled with the vibrant hues of paint and the focused concentration of young artists bringing their visions to life. By the end of the session, the room had transformed into a gallery of colorful, innovative creations, each piece a testament to the campers' hard work and imagination.

In Dance, students learned creative movements and steps such as Jazz Walk, Chasse, and Cross Ball Change, which help performers move across the floor and stage. They are working on a special performance to showcase to their parents on the final day.

In Music, students reviewed note values and the treble clef. They then participated in a note identification activity on the music website "musictheory.net." Following this, they had the opportunity to showcase their talent on their chosen instruments. The day concluded with practicing the song "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane, which will be performed at the final showcase on June 1st.

Group 2 students also recapped note values and treble clef notes, including note identification on the treble clef. Students were then divided into soprano and alto groups based on their vocal range. They practiced the song "Somewhere Only We Know" in preparation for the showcase day.

Today's Robotics workshop was a delightful mix of coding and creativity. Students successfully programmed the micro to play games like Magic 8 Ball and Teleporting Duck. They displayed impressive problem-solving skills and a strong grasp of programming fundamentals. The older group worked with programming software and created sensor dustbins. The excitement and enthusiasm in the room were palpable.

As dusk settled, anticipation for the evening's special event grew. The campers gathered for the astronomy workshop, eager to explore the mysteries of the night sky. Under the guidance of an expert astronomer, they learned how to operate a professional high-intensity motorized telescope. With the telescope pointed skyward, the campers took turns gazing through the lens, their faces lighting up with awe.

As Day 6 drew to a close, it was clear that the spirit of the camp remained as spirited and zealous as ever. The diverse activities not only provided an avenue for skill development and creative expression but also strengthened the bonds of friendship and teamwork among the campers. With each passing day, the summer camp continues to be a celebration of youthful energy, creativity, and the joy of shared experiences.

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