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Pathways World School Gurgaon

Flagship Campus of Pathways Schools.
Consistently Ranked #1 Top International Day cum Boarding School in Delhi & Gurgaon.



The mistiness and the aromatic fragrance of the moist earth and the florae worked as stimuluses for the morning trek to the Glass House on the Aravali Ridge.

The campers experimented with incorporating the folk theatre style storytelling in the formation of blocking. Borrowed from Habib Tanvir’s style of theatre structure, the story of David and Goliath was revisited.

Our young chefs tried their hands at baking cookies, controlling their urges, eagerly waiting for the baked cookies to be pulled out from the oven.

In filmmaking, campers finished shooting their films and are keenly looking forward to releasing them on the big screen for their parents. Creative abilities continued to be nurtured through the exploration of manual printmaking using different types of techniques. Participants also experimented with different objects to get mirror image impressions on the final artwork.  

The camp is coming to an end soon but the friendships formed and the experiences felt and internalised shall always be cherished.

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