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Pathways World School Gurgaon

Flagship Campus of Pathways Schools.
Consistently Ranked #1 Top International Day cum Boarding School in Delhi & Gurgaon.



It was a power-packed day with lots of hands-on activities. Our energetic campers were familiarised with different camera angles and worked collaboratively within their groups to plan short ad films. In the Theatre studio, they explored the concept of space and structures and played games to understand how these determine body language, an essential element in theatre.

Songwriting beautifully complimented film making and theatre. Our campers made their chord progressions and in groups designed structures for their unique compositions. Scientific temperament was nurtured through interesting scientific investigations and experiments such as electroplating, fun with elephant toothpaste, and enzyme colour change reactions.

The dance routine started with warm-ups flowing into foot-tapping movements on the song Toca Toca. In the debating workshop, the campers engaged in tasks to develop their persuasive skills and learned the nuances of effective communication. It appeared to be a celebration of Creativity Day with campers unleashing their inner artist throughout the day. In the Design and Technology studio, they did metal buffing and polishing while some chose to create metal key chains. In web designing, the enthusiastic coders learned the skills of creating a webpage and are eagerly looking forward to making an intermediate version of their website.

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