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Pathways World School Gurgaon

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Students at Pathways World School participated in the recent Round Square Spanish Language Lab which was held on 18th May 2023. This exciting event took place virtually, connecting our students with peers from different schools around the world. The objective of the session was to enhance their language skills and provide a platform for intercultural exchange.

The one-hour online Zoom meeting proved to be an enriching experience for our students, as they engaged in various activities and discussions with participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

The event featured three categories based on language proficiency levels, namely beginner, intermediate, and advanced, ensuring that each student had the opportunity to challenge themselves at an appropriate level. We were honoured to have the Aleph School in Peru as the host school for this event, representing Latin America. Participating in this International event provided our students with a valuable opportunity to practice their Spanish language skills in an authentic and interactive setting.

The discussions held during the session were highly fruitful, allowing our students to exchange ideas, share cultural perspectives, and deepen their understanding of the Spanish language and its cultural context. All the students who participated demonstrated their enthusiasm and commitment to language learning. The Round Square Spanish Language Lab stands as a testament to the importance of international collaboration and cultural exchange in our student’s educational journey. Through such initiatives, we strive to provide them with a global perspective and prepare them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

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