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On 15th of November 2020, the Going Global Club of SAI International School hosted a Round Square Conference on the theme ‘A Step Forward: A Global Conversation on Mental Health’. The conference was designed according to ‘Internationalism’ and ‘Leadership’ as RS Ideals. This one-day event had 12 Barraza sessions which were August, Headspace, A Soldier's Heart, Prismatic, Gender bend, Breathlessly Beautiful, Effervescent, One Day at a Time, Mind Over Matter, Disenthrall, Unkindness is Weakness, and Un-nerve. 

The conference started with a keynote speaker, Dr. Harish Shetty, a renowned psychiatrist, who talked about the importance of being empathetic during COVID-19. He emphasized the point that globalization leads to disconnection and that is a cause of bad mental health.

Reconnection is the solution to combat this situation. He encouraged students to explore their feelings and don’t be ashamed to ask for help; as when the mind is locked, the key is to ask for help.

Barazza sessions started with icebreaker games like, “two truths and one lie”, and moved towards discussions on the main points shared by the keynote speaker and how one can implement the takeaways in daily life. Later, students had an elaborate discussion on gender bias. They explored different fields and walks of life where gender bias is prevalent and then came up with a resolution.

Everyone promised to "Break the chain", even in their daily lives as they believe it can make a difference. Afterward, each group presented their thoughts in a common space and had fruitful discussions.  

Dr. Sriya Bhattachrya, Ph.D. Psychology, Boston University, was the second keynote speaker who spoke about her experience of living in New York at the beginning of COVID 19 and how it affected her community as the epicenter of the pandemic, in the USA. This was followed by an interactive question and answer session.

The last keynote speaker of the day was Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Chairman, SAI International School, who enlightened everyone on how to bring happiness into the homes.

The closing ceremony was a beautiful assemblage of performances by the participants on “Can’t stop the feeling”. Each school presented their own interpretation and perspective on the theme through cultural performance. It was truly a beautiful and memorable culmination of the Conference.

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