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On 28th and 29th October 2020, five students of MYP5 attended the Virtual Round Square Conference organized by The Millennium School, Dubai. The conference was based on the theme of ‘Accelerating the Transition to Sustainability’. The Opening Ceremony in all its grandeur began with a warm welcome and Quran recitation to remove negative emotions and create a sense of relaxation.

Following this, the ceremony had eminent dignitaries like Ms. Fatima Martin (Principal), Ms. Ismail, Mr. Michael Guzder (VP- GEMS Group of Schools) sharing their views and declaring the Conference open! 

Later, the stage was given to the keynote speaker, Mr.  Bhaskar Vira, Professor of Economic Geography and the current Head of Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. He brought into account extremely important topics such as shifting to renewable energy, planetary boundaries, how to reduce the fertility rate, the significant impact on the wildlife, and covered many more topics for delegates to think critically, environmentally, democratically on and like great leaders, to be ready to take over with passion and have great discussions in the Barazza session.  

The session was followed by delegates being sent to their respective Barazza groups for reflecting on the keynote speakers' arguments including coming up with alternative solutions for teenagers to combat these devastating challenges and understanding the severity of their actions as a community and as a sole individual with diverse perspectives. Further, after each school showcased its good practices, each delegate had a takeaway towards the ending of the first day with enthusiasm and passion to become leaders.  

The second day started with Keynote Speech by Ms. Habiba, the Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group. She shared multiple approaches that Global youth can take towards Sustainability and contribute towards making the planet a better place with reduced inequalities.

The third Keynote speaker, Mr. Robert Swan, the first person on Earth to have walked both North and South Pole, shared his insights about how he had dreamt this event of walking at the poles as an 11 year old kid and how he has always worked each moment in his life to achieve this and aims to take more and more people to Antarctica – so that more people are educated about melting of ice. He informed how everyone is reaching closer towards melting Earth’s dense ice cover and rising sea levels to alarming levels by 2041.

The ceremony ended with a cultural presentation and students had a glimpse of everyone’s cultural background. Overall, it was a very informative conference and a lot needs to be done ahead. The students of PWS will surely take every possible step ahead with greater determination to ensure every individual in PWS, be it in school or back home during lockdown times takes best care towards accelerating the transition to Sustainability. 

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