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As an active participant of Round Square, the secondary school Round Square team had declared the week from 31st January to 3rd February as ‘Kurt Hahn Week’. The foundation of the network created within the Round Square group of schools is based on the educational theories of Kurt Hahn. In our endeavor to honor and appreciate his teachings, students from secondary school were engaged in activities that focused on each of the Round Square IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, and Service), every day of this week.

Day 1 Internationalism: To highlight the school's cultural diversity, the students put together an exhibition in their respective classrooms using any memento from their culture. This helped them highlight the school’s diversity and develop international-mindedness amongst the student community about each other’s ethnicities.

Day 2 Democracy: Students used Debate and other kinds of oral presentations (elocution, extempore, etc.) during Form Tutor Class to discuss topics related to democracy which helped the students build a democratic relationship amongst the students and understand the functioning of a democracy.

Day 3 Adventure and Environmentalism: The students went for an adventurous hike through the Aravali Hills while collecting garbage along the route (spreading awareness about plastic in the environment) which instigated a sense of adventure among the participants and our role towards a clean environment.

Day 4 Leadership: The students engaged in a thought-provoking activity where they discussed and showcased the leaders who have inspired them. Each student created a poster highlighting the qualities and achievements of their chosen leader, fostering an atmosphere of learning and appreciation. This exercise not only allowed the students to learn more about various leaders but also encouraged them to reflect on the characteristics they admire in a leader. The posters were displayed in the class, providing a visual representation of the student’s understanding of leadership and the impact leaders have on society. Overall, it was a meaningful and educational experience for all involved.

Day 5 Service: Students planned on making cards, handmade gifts, baking cookies, etc. for the helping staff of the school to spread love towards the community as an attitude of gratitude for the helping staff present in the school which inculcates a service-oriented mindset.

In Senior School the students of the Diploma Programme engaged in two activities which were a Tree Plantation Drive and Community Lunch for the support staff. The Tree Plantation Drive was taken a notch higher, wherein the trees planted have been adopted by the respective Form Tutor group. The students will take the responsibility of nurturing the trees planted by them.

The community lunch for the support staff was organised not just to express our gratitude for the efforts they make but also to strengthen the bond of the community. It was a pleasure to witness how students exhibited self-directed learning in the true sense of the term.

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