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On 13th and 14th of June, The Millennium school, Dubai hosted the Collaborative Conclave which was based on the ideals of Round Square, namely, Internationalism, Leadership and Service.

The Conference was about the Art of Growing Up, and therefore involved a lot of mindfulness exercises. This conference explored the art of expressing one’s emotions better and handling them well, especially as teenagers. It wasn't about growing up physically but it was about using one’s growing energy in a positive manner and being mindful towards oneself and others in future. It was about self-awareness and the importance of pausing before reacting.

The students also learned the difference between ‘belonging’ and ‘fitting in’ and how to cope with that. Students were able to connect with each other on their mental and emotional state as the sessions were very engaging. In the baraza session, students learned about optimism, maintaining positive relationships and body positivity. They shared instances from their own lives which empowered the discussion even more and enabled students to build on the attribute of empathy.

There were some heated yet respectful discussions. The keynote speaker, Mr. Gaurav Kapur, shared his views and experiences on the Art of Growing Up and advised the students to never lose curiosity that helps one achieve their goals. This was followed by a session where students learned sign language which made them capable of interacting with the specially abled students. There were ice-breaking sessions where students played games which contributed towards bonding with one another. It was a great learning session and a very memorable one.

Great learning stays forever, and this stands true for the Conference hosted by The Millennium School, Dubai

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