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On the 20th of October, six students from MYP 3 participated in the Round Square Event titled ‘DAIS-Colours of India’. Over 20 schools participated in this Round Square to discuss the colors of India and their own culture. The conference promoted the idea of ‘unity in diversity and gave a platform to students to meet people from different parts of the world and know more about their cultures.

The session started with each school choosing a specific color and discussing their interpretation of the color and how it represented a particular culture of their nation. The students representing PWS chose the color saffron. The color saffron signifies courage, fire, and purity, and is used in many Indian dishes. Schools across the globe talked about colors that represented their culture the best. After this, students were sent to breakout rooms, where they participated in two interactive activities.

The first game was “Guess the Picture”, where they were given only part of a picture and students had to guess what they were seeing. Through this activity, students learned about various animals, instruments, food, and clothing from different Indian cultures, as well as from cultures abroad. The second game was called “Relatable”. In this, the students were shown a picture of a dish, clothing, tradition, or instrument from around the world, and students were asked to relate it to their own culture.

This game was incredibly engaging as students got to relate each object to their culture and how their culture uses that object. Each culture was unique, and this activity only proved just how diverse India is.

The Conference culminated with a closing ceremony and a final speech by the moderators. Overall, the Round Square Conference was extremely interactive as students were exposed to different cultures through unique activities.

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