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On Friday, 24th Feb students from MYP 4 and 5 organized a Symposium on ‘The Tree of Mental Health for students of MYP 1 and 2. The day was eventful as the students experienced a simulation of how baraza sessions are conducted while they go to Round Square Conferences.

The day started with a Kathak Performance by Prisha Garg of MYP 5. The dance demonstrated that happiness always finds a way to overcome mental difficulties. It was insightful to listen to the Keynote speaker Ms. Priya Kumari, an alumna of PWS. She is on a mission to spread mental health awareness across the country.

She has worked closely with the mental health professionals of the rehabilitation center to help patients in treatment for Substance addiction. Her speech encouraged all the students to think deeply about how important it is to take care of mental and emotional health alongside physical health.

After her session, the students were divided into various groups namely, Social Connectedness, Emotional Conditioning, Digital Detox/ Netiquettes, Reverence /Gratitude, Pinata- Art of Choosing, Emotional Nutrition, Resilience, and Respectful Communication. As they headed with their baraza leaders they had a great time engaging in various activities as a team. They began with an icebreaker to get to know each other better and feel at ease.

The Brazza leaders played a significant role in facilitating the group discussion amongst the MYP 1 and 2 delegates where they asked relevant open-ended questions that they picked from Ms Priya’s speech to drive the discussion. It was heart-warming to see intense discussions in each group. After group discussions, the students decided on any medium that they wanted to showcase their understanding. It was an absolute delight to see some groups coming up with skits, dance, and music.

The Round Square Captain Tvisha Gulati and Vice-Captain Sayaan Mehta presented a token of love to Ms. Priya for sharing her valuable insights about mental health with all.  

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