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On 21st August, a select students from DP1 and DP2 attended the virtual Round Square hosted by the Assam Valley Schol. The symposium commenced with a warm welcome from Assam Valley’s Round Square team, where the principal provided insights on how diversity is the art of thinking independently together.

She expressed how important it is for the youth to tackle the challenges because we are the future, and we need to bring change in our ways.

Later, the stage was given to the keynote speaker Ms Gitangali JB, who has degrees in physics and business. She intellectually stimulated the students with various economic, political, social and environmental perspectives related to internationalism and diversity.

Ms Gitangali encouraged each student to think out of the box and go beyond what’s taught in classrooms. She questioned various theories and hypotheses like Indian Mythology, governmental power, military force and contemplate internal, external, organizational and worldview diversity.

Additionally, she persuaded the students to spread inclusiveness and appreciate others’ opinions and differences in this conference, commencing the symposium with brimming despite the virtual setting and pandemic.  

Thereafter, in Barazza groups, delegates reflected on the keynote speakers’ arguments, trying to understand the significance of our individual and collective actions, and devised alternative solutions, as teenagers, to combat stereotypes, biases, and prejudices and thus promote uniqueness, diversity, and inclusivity to maintain world peace. PWS students found safe places in their Zoom rooms to discuss controversial topics and their real-life implications open-mindedly.

Towards the end, each school presented their posters on the theme of the conference. Each delegate, finally, showed the passion and enthusiasm for leadership with a robust understanding of each IDEAL.


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