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Students from MYP-1 attended the Round Square Conference ‘Metanoia’ hosted by Dhirubai Ambani International School on 10th and 11th May.

The students not only learned new skills but also understood the benefits of collaboration in various team activities. Metanoia emphasized the message that talent can be expressed in different ways, and this was evident in the sessions that students took part in.

During the conference, students participated in different activities to express their creativity and were told to make a final product based on their favorite workshop that they had attended in the entire conference. There were workshops to teach skills in visuals arts, dance, drama, to name a few.

The Conference also consisted of baraza sessions which were very interactive to increase student participation. Some baraza sessions included dance sessions with the baraza leaders and students where different dance styles like contemporary, Hollywood and Bollywood were taught to the participating students. The baraza student leaders had also planned fun activities such as kahoot quizzes to bring out the competitive side of the students

The baraza sessions were followed by a keynote address by Ranveer Allahabadia, better known as Beer Biceps, content creator with 3 million subscribers on YouTube. He shared with students, his mantra for success and on how to have a successful social media base and how to never give up.  He also shared wonderful advice such as “when people are hating on you that means you are succeeding”.

Overall, the conference provided a platform for young students to come together and share their ideas. It provided them with an opportunity to meet students of their age and collaborate with them for various activities.

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