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Pathways World School Gurgaon

Flagship Campus of Pathways Schools.
Consistently Ranked #1 Top International Day cum Boarding School in Delhi & Gurgaon.



Students from Pathways World School attended the Doon School Round Square 2019 from 13th to 16th October 2019. Thus, began a journey full of learning, fun, and exploration. Round Square revolves around the Discovery Framework which consists of 6 IDEALS; Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, Service. The Ideal for this conference was ‘Leadership’.

Round Square kicked off with an ice-breaking session in Doon School. The session helped them open up to delegates from other schools. Not only this, but the session was also informative as they were introduced to the various types of leadership styles such as ‘laissez-faire’, Autocratic, Compromising, amongst many others.

After the ice-breaking session was wrapped up, the students of Pathways World School attended the Headmaster’s dinner, which boasted a delicious assortment of food!

The students were introduced to the Maldevta campus, instructors, and allotted their tents. The tents comprised of 3 members each, none of whom could be from the same school. After the tent allotment, all the students were split into 4 activity groups.

From there, every group went for their very first activity. Some of the activities were: A Cave Trek, A Leadership discussion, Rock climbing and slithering. After thoroughly enjoying these activities and going through other minor camp activities, and eating dinner, they retired to their tents for the night.

Feeling rejuvenated for the new day, despite having been woken up at 5:30 AM, the students hurried for their morning tea, and then later for morning activities. The rest of the day ran along pretty quickly. In the evening, Mr. Supratim Basu, who was a keynote speaker at the Conference, talked about Leadership, the various styles of it, and how each of them fit different personalities. This was followed by two wonderful skits from a drama group centered around Afforestation efforts.

The next morning, everyone was buzzing with excitement as they were going for a scavenger hunt which was the final activity of the conference. All the teams competed against each other in navigating themselves to certain locations in the general region around the campsite, with the help of navigational equipment such as compasses and maps.

The three teams competing were the Black Panthers (led by Pathwaysian, Alima Shala), AIMS (led by Pathwaysian, Vansh Yadav) and the Wolf Pack. Later, the Black Panthers bagged the first position, with the Wolf Pack following on at second and AIMS coming in last. But at the end of the day, the learning that came from an activity that is seemed purely recreational outweighed the end result of the competition.

The bus ride, on the way back, was enjoyable and the students used this time to reminisce about the time they spent in Dehradun. As they reached Gurgaon, they carried with them skills and memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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