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Tennis is an exceptional racquet sport defined by skill, strategy, endurance and strength.

An individual sport, Tennis is shaped by determination and perpetual interest in the game. On Saturday, 18th of August, a select group of Pathways World School students went for a Tennis Carnival held at Siri Fort to register for the Yonex Sunrise Inter-School Championship. The Official Tournament was held later for Grades 6 to 12 on the 28th and 29th of August.

Subsequently, two teams from Pathways World School, Gurgaon arrived at The Siri Fort in Delhi. The Tournament was hosted by Yonex Every participant was enthusiastic and very well-equipped for the day with the necessary items from water bottles to Dri-fit T-shirts which not only showed their exhilaration but their spirit to carry the trophy back home.

The matches commenced by 9 o'clock while the sun was still covered by the clouds. The weather was amazing throughout the Tournament favoring the players' game. By noon, it started drizzling a little, but the resilient participants did not end their fight towards triumph and continued with their matches despite the rain, making it much more exciting to observe their matches.

After participating in such an event, one can say that this tournament was an extremely enriching experience and that each of us got an equal opportunity to practice and test our skills on court. Overall, this tournament seemed to have prepped up the students to improve their game in multiple aspects.

The results of the Tournament are displayed below:

Grades 6 - 8


Tie - 1 - PWS v/s Laxman Public School New Delhi [LPS – 2-0]

Tie - 2 - PWS v/s The Air Force School, New Delhi [PWS – 2-0]


Tie - 1 - PWS v/s Modern School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi [MSVV – 2-0]

Tie - 2 - PWS v/s Little Angels Public School, Sonipat [PWS – 2-0]

Grades 9 – 12


Tie - 1 - PWS v/s Pathways Gurgaon [PSG – 2-0]

Tie - 2 - PWS v/s St. Thomas School, New Delhi [STS – 2-1]


Tie - 1 - PWS v/s St. Marks Girls School, New Delhi [PWS – 2-1]

Tie - 2 - PWS v/s Laxman Public School, New Delhi [LPS – 2-1]

Tie - 3 - PWS v/s Ajanta Public School, Gurgaon [APS – 2-0]

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