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On Monday, 8th October a long-awaited Individual Tennis Tournament commenced at Pathways World School. Every year many students wait to participate in this competitive Tournament. The event was divided into many sets; U-12, U-14, and U-18 in both Singles and Doubles, both in Boys and Girl's categories. However, this year there was a new feature added to the Tournament.

As per the rules, the students were able to contribute points towards their Houses, for participation as well as for advancing to the next rounds. Thereby, it increased the level of Competition as everyone was excited to win for their House.

On Day 1 the participants geared up for the Singles; whereas Day 2 was filled with team work as it had the Doubles. Day 3 onwards, level of the Tournament kept getting better and better with every participant exhibiting more of their prowess. At last it was the final day to find the champions for 8th edition of the Tournament. The adrenaline was at its peak.

From double faults to aces, from classic backhands to powerful smashes, the participants displayed their strength, agility and skills to the best. It was remarkable to see the overall performance of the students as they showcased their aptitude for the sport and exhibited true sportsman spirit.


  U-12 Girls Singles
Winner Ridhhi Khanna
Runners Up Samaira Malhotra
  U-12 Boys Singles
Winner Avi Gupta
Runners Up Eashan Mehra
3rd Place Pratham Bansal
  U-12 Boys Doubles
Winner Eashan Mehra / Pratham Bansal
Runners Up Avi Gupta / Kriday Banga
3rd Place Shubh Kakkar / Aditya Sapra
  U-14 Boys Singles
Winner Mustafo Gaibullaev
Runners Up Arnav Aggarwal
3rd Place Diyor Kayumov
  U-14 Girls Singles
Winner Nandini Sarin
Runners Up Vanshika Jain
3rd Place Suhani Chatterjee
  U-14 Boys Doubles
Winner Musatafo Gaibullaev / Yagyadeep Mahato
Runners Up Diyor Kayumov / Janit Nijhawan
3rd Place Arnav Aggarwal / Azeez Verma
  U-14 Girls Doubles
Winner Vanshika Jain / Suhani Chatterjee
Runners Up Nandini Sarin / Shrestha Jain
  U-18 Boys Singles
Winner Payas Mann
Runners Up Shaurya Mohan
3rd Place Aabhas Garg
  U-18 Girls Singles
Winner Jiya Kathuria
Runners Up Nandini Sarin
3rd Place Shreya Kathuria
  U-18 Boys Doubles
Winner Aabhas Garg / Shaurya Mohan
Runners Up Manav Chaudhary / Mihir Ahuja
3rd Place Avikal Mann / Payas Mann
  U-18 Girls Doubles
Winners Jiya Kathuria / Shreya Kathuria
Runner Up Nandini Sarin / Srijaa Chatterjee
3rd Place Vanshika Jain / Suhani Chatterjee

We congratulate all the participants for showing their sincere dedication towards the sport and look forward to more participation next year!

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