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Pathways World School Gurgaon

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On Saturday, 7th September 2019, Grade 9 Biology students from Pathways World School visited Superbugs Science Museum with Dr. Vinod Kumar, Ms. Sheeba Kundu, and Ms. Sabeena Menon. It was a great opportunity for students to enhance their learning on Micro-organisms.

After registering outside, they were allowed entry to the hallowed halls of the museum where they could gain all the knowledge that the place had to offer. They explored the innovative exhibition which consisted of holograms and LCD screens, truly managing to captivate the audience and enlighten them on the subject of micro-organisms.

The exhibit also contained live samples which helped the students connect their classroom learning to real life. The fun continued with various educational games which also quizzed the kids on their knowledge so far.

To students’ surprise, there was more in store for them after the games. After viewing the exhibit, they were seated in an auditorium where an interactive session was conducted by Mr. Sheldon Paquin, Project Leader-Antibiotics Science Museum & Curator, Science Museum, London. He began by giving an insightful lecture on micro-organisms. He informed students about how micro-organisms affect humans, how they can be treated using medicine, and how they affect India.

He also informed students about E. coli, a type of micro-organism found in our intestine, which helps with the breakdown of food. A huge quantity of E. coli causes diarrhea. When the session was close to an end, the floor was opened for questions. Students who asked their queries were rewarded with exciting merchandise.

All in all, the day enriched student’s understanding of micro-organisms and helped them connect their learning to a real-life context. It was indeed a sensational day of interactive learning!

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