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Pathways World School Gurgaon

Flagship Campus of Pathways Schools.
Consistently Ranked #1 Top International Day cum Boarding School in Delhi & Gurgaon.



2019-20, a brand new Academic Year for the students of Pathways World School, Gurgaon to challenge themselves and excel in their achievements. This year is more special because we will be able to learn many new things under the guidance and leadership of the new School Director, Ms. Sonya Ghandy Mehta.

The Middle School Principal, Ms. Monika Bajaj, warmly welcomed back the students in the Assembly for Grades 6-10. The students were introduced to the new School Director and were motivated to plan every action carefully and mindfully through an inspirational video.

Students learned that one’s thoughts, decisions, actions, dedication, learning, social life, everything they do now affect their future, thus they must continue writing the chapters of their life, with each episode having a meaningful and different approach. Grade 6, being the newest and youngest were warmly welcomed by their seniors and were later introduced to the core team of the Middle School. Ms. Monika congratulated the students who participated in various international/national ventures undertaken by the School like, England Cricket Tour, CHAL programme, Trip to NASA, etc

Post assembly, in the FT lessons, students shared their explorations and achievements during vacations with their peers. Different ice-breaking games were played and essential agreements were discussed, which helped students to plan their goals for the year ahead. A little photo session with the Form Tutors and Tutees levelled up the excitement and fun quotient amongst the students. Later, the Middle School students attended their subject lessons with their teachers, adding to the Academics of the day.

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