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Inter-House Debate Competition

The Interhouse Debate Competition was one of the most enjoyable competitions of DP so far. Lasting for about two days, with a total of 6 debates in the preliminary rounds - each house competed against the other - and the finale, presented in the Auditorium to the entirety of Senior School.

Centred around varying themes ranging from economics to sociology - of which three further motions were created. Each team had the opportunity to rank the motions in their preferred order before the final motion was raised. Within each debate the three members: Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Whip in the proposition, and the same positions for the opposition. 

On the second day, the two teams, Earth, and Water, selected for the finale (having one either two or all of their matches) competed under the motion "THS the woke cancel-culture", with Water winning the competition, but conceding the hearts of the audience to Earth. The best speaker was awarded to Ali Khan and the most promising speaker Saksham Yadav.

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