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On October 6th, senior school students participated in the 2021 Inter-House Athletic Meet. It consisted of races ranging between a distance of 100m to 800m, relays, shot-put, and long-jump events.

The buzz of athletes preparing themselves for their events, and their friends collecting around them to sustain their excitement, carried through the 45 minutes of breakfast and the subsequent procession to the main field.

At the main field, the students organised themselves behind their house flags. Water-bottles were filled, track pants were switched out for shorts, and the presence of athletes was checked to prepare for the upcoming event.

The 2021 Inter-House Athletic Meet was the first of its kind in Pathways World School, and had brought both experienced and novice athletes to the track. The Meet kicked off with a pledge to the spirit of the sport and the event, after which the athletes running in the 800m race, the first event, warmed up by the steps.

The 800m race for boys was followed by the 800m race for girls, and tested the stamina of its participants. The results reflected Shrey Sharma (Earth House, DP2) in first position (Boys), and Alima Shala (Fire House, DP1) in first position (Girls). The strenuous race was followed by a short intermission, to allow the athletes to recover before the next event—the 400m race. Dhruv Singh (Earth House, DP2) and Aarushi Bansal (Earth House, DP2) placed first in the Boys and Girls categories respectively. Between the 400m races, however, students were surprised by a teacher’s relay.

Teacher representatives from each house ran in a 4x100m relay race, with four runners in each team. The race reflected a different house in the lead after every 100m change, and Earth House placed first by the end. Following the faculty relay was the 200m race, with Prerak Bhatia (Water House, DP1) and Nandini Sarin (Air House, DP1) coming in first, after which the long-jump event took place with Prerak Bhatia and Dipanita Singhal (Water House, DP2) placing first.

Shot-put was the penultimate event, where Kushagra Bhardwaj (Water House, DP1) and Dipanita Singhal placed first in their respective categories.

The final event of the athletic meet—team relays—reinvigorated the audience, and bolstered their house spirit. The 4x100m relays were divided into Boys, Girls, and Mixed categories. Water House (Abir Jain, Pratham Bansal, Prerak Bhatia, Hriday Goyal) placed first in the Boys relay, Earth House (Aarushi Bansal, Nitya Khirwar, Archi Baranwal, Hrishita Mahajan) placed first in the Girls relay, and Air House (Mayank Gahlaut, Aryan Vohra, Saanvi Bindal, Nandini Sarin) placed first in the Mixed relay.

Finally, the points of each house were tallied, with Water House placing first in the Boys category and Earth House placing first in the Girls Category. To a crowd waiting with bated breath, the DP Sports Coordinator announced Water House’s achievement of the cup.

Prerak Bhatia and Nandini Sarin were also awarded trophies for “Best Athlete.” By the end of the first Inter-House Athletic Meet, the disconnect suffered over the past two years was remedied, and a crowd giddy with excitement spilled into the Dining Hall for lunch.

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