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As it has rightly been said by Brandon Travis Ciaccio, "the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing".

On Tuesday 7th August, 2018, six students from Middle School (Aryavrat Gupta, Anirudh Bhalekar, and Sarthak Gupta from Grade 10; Unnathi Kumar, Aarav Gupta, and Udai Singh Rawal from Grade 9) undertook a scholastic yet vying pursuit in the form of 'The ASEAN Quiz' in New Delhi, organized by the Royal Thai Embassy of New Delhi.

With the marrow of the content outline of the quiz encompassing every minutiae detail associated with the ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the students have certainly gained in terms of their research skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills - the quiz honed all of these skills, as a trivium for the three fortes.

Primarily, the students whirled with vim and vigour as they were en route to the venue of the inter-school competition. Their endeavours over the past two weeks were ultimately reaching its summit. Nonetheless, as the students soon plumped themselves in the auditorium with the intention of acing the written preliminary round of the quiz, the swarm of participants that were present in the hall did not deter them.

Furthermore, the twenty-five questions that were asked traversed across an all-embracing domain of subject matter; from the salubrious cuisine of the Philippines to the confluent water bodies in Thailand, even the attributes that were considered footling by the students, were assessed.

Subsequently, through this cultural and highly heuristic quizzing platform, the students learnt the very core of the ASEAN heritage, thus giving them the ability to enunciate and propagate their knowledge to the people they meet. The quiz also gave the students an opportunity to convene with students from over 83 school and 19 colleges throughout North India, helping them create bonds with bright young scholars like themselves.

Furthermore, attending and participating in this quiz helped the students cognize the methods of quizzing hence establishing a base for them to partake in quizzes hereafter. Coming to an end, the second edition of the ASEAN Quiz, marking the 51st anniversary of the ASEAN, was an edifying and memorable experience that has opened up new doors for our young minds, as well as left them with a goal for the next edition of the quiz.

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