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The Assam Valley School held its annual MUN from 18th to 20th September 2021. 14students from MYP 4 and 5 took part in this event in which over 250 delegates from more than thirty schools across India as well as the Gulf region also participated.

The students embarked on a three -day journey full of learning, heated-debates and discussions around different, important global issues.

The agenda included discussions around the pressing world issues such as the root causes of the illegalization of LGTBQ+ individuals in Islamic Nations, xenophobia felt towards refugees, and how equal use of outer space can be ensured. The Executive Board did a splendid job of guiding the delegates through the process explaining the rules of procedure and managing the committee well.

Overall, the conference was a great and enriching experience! 5 students received awards for their splendid participation in the discussion rounds.  

  1. Kashish Wahi- High Commendation (UNEP- Norway)- MYP4
  2. Suhani Chatterjee- Special Mention (UNHCR- South Korea)- MYP4
  3. Yasha Jain- Special Mention- (OIC- Turkish Cypriot State)- MYP 4
  4. Manya Mehra- Best Delegate- (WHO- Pakistan)- MYP 5
  5. Neil Agarwal- High Commendation (International Press- The Strait Times)- MYP 5

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