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Mayo College Ajmer organized a Zoom postcard session on the theme ‘Warp and Weft in Weaves’ on 19th January 2022 which revolved around different fabrics, based on cultures, traditions, and how eco-friendly or sustainable they really are.

Six students of MYP 3 participated in the Conference and discussed the concept of sustainable fashion and how everything you do has its own impact on the ecosystem.

The conference began with a video highlighting the need for sustainable fashion and the wastage created by the fashion industry. The baraza sessions gave an opportunity to students to collaborate and share their findings on how the fashion industry was causing harm to the ecosystem and gave a platform to students to brainstorm the solutions to prevent such wastage which ends up in landfills across the globe.

The conference highlighted the need for creating awareness about such businesses that are working towards sustainable fashion, and the importance of having people to switch to clothes made of organic and vegan materials; materials that are processed with no chemicals and are eco-friendly.

The conference created awareness among students about a rising problem and provided an important platform to share one’s thoughts and concerns, and more importantly solutions to the wastage that was harming the ecosystem. It sparked a curiosity about the new concept of sustainable fashion and encouraged all delegates to be more conscious when going shopping!

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