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On the 31st of July 2020, all students of Middle School, from MYP 1 to MYP 5, assembled virtually for the first time in the New Academic Year, via zoom. Despite the physical distance, this assembly did not seem any different from the assemblies attended physically.

The students had a wonderful time -euphoria, camaraderie and reminiscing of the past academic year as well as the fruitful summer vacations, where each student had an opportunity to explore themselves and their talents.

The assembly began with Ms. Monika Bajaj, the Middle School Principal, welcoming the newest members of the Middle School; MYP 1 students. The new teachers were also given a warm welcome. The School Director, Ms. Sonya Ghandy Mehta, addressed the gathering with her insightful thoughts. She emphasized on the fact that life had indeed changed for each individual and that now we must come to accept and acknowledge the new normal.

To establish the tone of the assembly, there was a musical performance by the students of Grade 10. The beautiful composition of the song “Give me some Sunshine” from the movie ‘3 idiots’ was compiled and recited by students sitting in different corners of the country. Following this, the achievements of various students across different fields such as publishing, sports, MUNs, photography, etc. were recognized and applauded. Subsequently, one of the newest faculty members, Mr. Shayok Banerjee, dazzled one and all with his impeccable vocal and instrumental abilities.

The performances were followed by Ms. Bajaj sharing the guidelines and role of a Student during on-line Lessons. This was followed by Ms. Achla Kakria, MYP Coordinator sharing upcoming academic plans, including Homework. Succeeding this, the recently elected Student Council Presidents, Kripaa Talwar and Vatsal Kabra, shared their thoughts with everyone. They reinforced the essential agreements and introduced the council members to all students. To wrap up the event, there was a short dance performance by the talented dance faculty of Middle School who captivated the audience with their moves.

Overall, the first entire school assembly provided the students an opportunity to meet their peers after the summer break. It set the tone for the academic year. It was a promise that this year would be no different and would provide them with a wholesome learning experience.

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