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On 17th March, MYP 5 organized the Mini MUN 5.0. The theme was ‘Catalysing Internationalism’. It was explored through the different agendas of each committee with the students taking on the roles of world delegates. The link between skills, presentation, and fruitful debate was displayed by the students as it was their first glimpse into the world of MUNs. The event was for students from MYP 1 to 4, who were divided into 5 committees: UNICEP, UNEP, UNDP, UNHCR, and UNW.

The Mini MUN started off with an opening ceremony, initiated by the Secretary General, Head of the Conference, Executive Board, and organizing team comprising MYP4 and 5 students. The committees began with a brief introduction to their agenda and discussed the general flow for the rest of the MUN. The IPC team was busy working in the background on articles, newsflashes, photographs, and live updates of the MUN. Meanwhile, the delegates gave their GSL (General Speakers List) speeches with their country’s views on their agenda. Delegates formed blocs according to their country policies.

Post lunch break, the delegates regrouped for the final session with one of the interesting part of the MUN, the Press Conference. After hours of committee interactions, debates, proposing solutions, and working as the world delegates under the simulation of Mini MUN 5.0, the delegates understood the true essence behind world issues. The Conference came to an end with a closing ceremony which consisted of award distribution, a speech by the Secretary-General, and a video highlighting all the important events that took place throughout the day.

Ms. Sonya Ghandy Mehta (School Director), Ms. Monika Bajaj (Middle School Principal), Ms. Rohini Chandhoke (Middle School MUN Coordinator), and Ms. Anaika Bhadula ( Mini MUN 5.0 Coordinator) congratulated the awardees and recognized them. Overall, the Mini MUN 5.0 was an excellent opportunity for the students to improve their public speaking, negotiation, and critical thinking skills, as well as to develop a greater understanding of global issues and the role of international diplomacy.

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