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A session was conducted for MYP 2 students in school to equip them with effective 

note-taking strategies. The students were taught various techniques to improve their note-taking skills, which included listening actively, using abbreviations and symbols, organizing notes effectively, using headings and subheadings, and highlighting important information, reviewing and revising notes after class, and using different colours for different topics, and using mind maps or diagrams. 

By actively listening to the information being presented, students can identify key information and jot it down in a way that is meaningful to them. The use of abbreviations and symbols help students write faster, making note-taking more efficient. Organizing notes using headings and subheadings can help students quickly identify important information and retain it more effectively. 

Highlighting important information helps students focus on the key points and remember them later. Reviewing and revising notes after class is a crucial step to consolidate information and clarify any doubts. Using different colours for different topics helps students to visually organize their notes and better understand the relationships between ideas. Mind maps or diagrams are useful tools for visual learners, helping them to see connections and relationships between different concepts. 

In conclusion, effective note-taking skills are essential for academic success and beyond. By using these strategies, MYP 2 students can identify key information, organize their notes, and retain information more effectively. These skills will serve them well throughout their academic careers and beyond. 

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