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DP 1

AS orientation was done virtually, and students were familiarised with different jargons used in CAS. Students were also made aware about various activities that can be done under global pandemic situation.

The Pearl Academy conducted a virtual Workshop on Mobile Photography tips, tricks and hacks for capturing amazing photos on 31st July which was attended by many Grade 11 students.

During College advisory lesson students were advised to activate their Cialfo account for all college related communications.

DP 2

The academic rigor of the DP was witnessed in the virtual classes. The students practiced through various assessment modules equipping them and building their confident for their End of Year Assessments which started on Tuesday,4th August.

Rigorous Revision continued to familiarize the students with Exam.net and Zoom. They also practiced the scanning option of their answer scripts. The Examination- in-charge conducted Exam Orientation for the students to help address their queries.

Various discussions took place to make the students comfortable in these assessments and it was decided that the students will appear for majority of their exams with a paper and a pen and scan their answers in Exam.net. This will help them maintain speed and accuracy.

There was also an internal virtual meeting to analyse the results of the Batch of 2020.

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