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Pathways World School Gurgaon

Flagship Campus of Pathways Schools.
Consistently Ranked #1 Top International Day cum Boarding School in Delhi & Gurgaon.



Pathways World School, Gurgaon conducted its first College Advisory Connect, on 1st March 2019, where various private as well as school counsellors, were invited to share a multitude of experiences and anecdotes for the enrichment of one and all. The conference focused on ‘Breaking Boundaries and Beyond’ and provided a rare opportunity for all college counsellors and teachers to not only share resources but also have a collaborative dialogue on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive counselling practices for student success.

The programme commenced with the melodies of Hans Zimmer's award-winning score for the masterwork historical drama ‘Gladiator performed by the school orchestra. The rendition was followed by a breath-taking jazz performance by Grade 9 students.

After the auditorium was enchanted by the acts of the students, the audience was introduced to three 12th Grade students, Rishit Jain, Ishan Gupta and Ashutosh Walia, who talked about their college experiences and how the school counselling department supported them through one of their life’s toughest decision.

There was an inspiring speech by the Director, Dr Sarvesh Naidu, who initiated a conversation that acted as the primary base for the entire motto of the conference, adding his pinch of uniqueness.

Various speakers from the invited colleges i.e. ISH, St. George University, Grenada, Ms. Sushma Singh, a well-known counsellor, Ms. Charlotte Hamilton from Oxford (Skype), Middlebury College, U.S.A, Distinguished Professor of Economics at, Dr Sunder Ramaswami, Ashoka University and the Pathways World School counsellors, spoke about their experiences and shared their knowledge in various aspects ranging from college applications to career paths.

Ms Smriti Singh from Lucknow held an interactive session titled ‘Guidance for Non-scholastic activities & Summer Programs/Internships’ to get ready for College and shared her views on various summer activities and how they could be used to build a more appealing profile by doing what one is interested in, not just what looks good on a CV.

Mr Raul D'Souza came up to talk about careers in the fashion industry. In his session, ‘Protagonists of Fashion - Evolution and Successes of the Italian Fashion & Design Industry’, he shared insights into the fashion industry and the evolution and success of the famed ‘Made in Italy’ label.

There was also an interactive session by Ms Bakhtawar Krishana pertaining to the standardised testing options for college admission including the key differences between the ACT and the SAT, and how while both have had the same impact, it is up to the student themselves to choose the right type of testing system to suit their aptitude. The final day concluded with all the speakers being interviewed by the students.

All in all, the College Advisors’ Connect was a grand success as it gave everyone some very enlightening perspectives to take back home about education. The event ended with each one satisfied yet asking for plenty more such events in the future.

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