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In order to develop their thinking skills and embody the qualities of IB learner profiles, students in MYP 1 participated in an activity called "Three O's." This involved demonstrating a willingness to take risks, utilizing their critical thinking abilities, and cultivating a sense of balance. 

The purpose of ice-breaking activities for our MYP1 students is to create a relaxed and inclusive environment that encourages idea-sharing and active participation in class. These fun and engaging activities help foster a sense of ownership among learners, empowering them to contribute to the overall learning environment and promoting a productive & enjoyable learning experience. 

By playing "Never Have I Ever," our learners endeavoured to learn more about each other and were successful in discovering shared experiences. The use of creative and humorous questions facilitated a relaxed atmosphere, allowing them to become more comfortable and form strong bonds, ultimately leading to the development of enduring friendships. 

The Unfiltered Me, activity allowed learners to explore their self-perception and how they want to be perceived by others. It was a moment of self-appreciation, as they realized that everyone is unique and special in their own way. This activity instilled a sense of confidence in the learners, which was evident after the activity. 

ELEFUN provided learners with a chance to engage in a team-building exercise, wherein one team member was blindfolded and guided by their teammates to repair the missing sections of an elephant cut out. This activity fostered a sense of collaboration and enjoyment among the participants, as they worked together towards a common goal. 

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