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6 Students from MYP4 with 1 teacher escort, got the privilege of participating in the Welham Boys’ School Service project at Deoli village, Bharatpur, Rajasthan for two days, i.e., February 1-2, 2023.  Around 50 students from different schools enthusiastically participated in it.

The first day started with an excursion to the “Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur”.

It was a great learning experience as the students spotted various migratory birds such as Saras Crane, Painted Stork, Dabchick, Black Headed Ibis, etc. They also learned about the history of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and thoroughly enjoyed the tales told by the guide. Post this, the students headed to the Deoli village community center. Here, they were divided into groups and carried out various activities such as wall painting, toilet construction, stool weaving, tree plantation, and cleanliness drive. The students interacted with the local community got to learn about their lifestyle and enjoyed authentic Rajasthani food. The day ended with a bonfire and report writing about their learnings and takeaway of the day.

On the second day, post breakfast, everyone headed to the village school once again for two workshops organized by Barefoot College International.

The first workshop was regarding reusable sanitary napkins and overall wellness and hygiene. The students learned how to make reusable sanitary napkins and carried out the stitching and sewing for the same with a lot of enthusiasm. This workshop was very informative as it made them aware of the various challenges women and girls in villages face in their daily lives with respect to well-being and sanitation.

The second workshop was about a solar-powered lamp. Post an introduction to the components of a solar lamp, the students were shown how to assemble the lamp and how to connect the solar panel to the battery. They were then divided into small groups and each group was given the materials to build their own solar lamp. The workshop concluded with a discussion on how to use solar energy in daily life and the advantages of using renewable energy sources. The day ended with various performances put up by the participants and Pathways students prepared a poem related to service and its importance for the same.

Overall, this trip was very inspiring and meaningful as the students understood the importance of being connected with the grassroots, acquired knowledge on various topics, and learned about Rajasthani culture and the Deoli village community.

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