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On the 20th of September, in Ms Vaidehi’s Courtroom, the trial for Daisy Buchanan took place, deciding whether to plead her guilty or not guilty for the murder of her beloved Jay Gatsby.

The Prosecution included Khusshi Arora, Mayank Gahlaut, Rusheel Sharma, and Pari Mittal, whereas the Defense encompassed Nitya Chugh, Siya Mehra, Udai Singh Rawal, and Samarth Malhotra.

During the trial, the prosecution and Defense attested for their witnesses, bringing them to the stand and probing them, keeping the solemn oath of honesty in mind. Daisy Buchanan, played by Aarushi Mal, encouraged the jury to understand her line of reasoning and cleared the jury members’ preconceived misconceptions about her relationship with Gatsby despite being married to Tom Buchanan.

Through each of the arguments put forth by either side, the Jury members and the judge (played by Mauraya Sharma) grasped the truth of the events leading up to Gatsby’s murder. Other characters included Tom Buchanan (played by Adhrit Ranjan), Nick Carraway (played by Nathan Uppurturu), and Jay’s Gardener (played by Adhrit Ranjan as well). These characters brought essential knowledge to the courtroom and assisted the judge in pronouncing Daisy as not guilty.


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