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With the summer break coming to an end, the new academic year began with Bootcamp for MYP 1 to MYP 5. From 22nd July to 28th July, teachers and students held various fun-filled learning engagements for parents as well as all MYP students to familiarize them with the MYP framework and how the academic year 2021-22 would look like. In the week-long Boot Camp, they had a chance to experience different aspects of the MYP and Middle School at Pathways

On Day 1, the students were introduced to the core-pillars of MYP at Pathways, like Global Contexts and IB Learner Profile. Students shared examples on how they have explored various global contexts and build on the attributes through different subject disciplines. The session on Day 2 was all about Approaches to Learning or the ATL skills.

The session was highly interactive and meaningful where students explored various skills such as communication, research and social skills which are required not just in school but in every aspect of the lives of students.  Another session was scheduled over the weekend to touch upon the topic of Assessments and Careers.

The presentation covered topics such as homework policy, Wizemen, assessments, academic honesty and CIALFO, to give both the parents and students an insight into what the MYP journey will look like. The event concluded with a question-answer session, with students and parents sharing their queries on various topics.

The new week started off with a session on ‘Opportunities and Well-being’ where the students and parents were introduced to different opportunities which will come their way in the Middle School such as Round Square, MUN, etc. Students were encouraged to build on their portfolio by identifying areas of interest. Students explored the purview of Service as Action in the MYP and listed a few service activities they can take forward from their homes. Well-Being and Self-Care were also emphasized upon through magical mantras which will help them through Middle School.

Further, on day 6 of the bootcamp, the topic of Projects was talked about. The session focused upon the importance of Personal and Passion Projects students in MYP. The last day of the Bootcamp explored the concept of Goal Setting and Multiple Intelligences for a better teaching-learning process. The session culminated with students and parents collaborating and setting their own goals for the year ahead.

Throughout the week, both the parents and students participated with great enthusiasm, and they unquestionably learnt a lot more about MYP and Middle School. It was a fresh start for the new academic year.

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