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Students from MYP 1-4 participated in Drama Workshop, led by Mr. Tathagata Chowdhary and Ms. Kirandeep Manocha, on 12th March 2021. This workshop was a step towards training the students for the upcoming Annual Production.

During this workshop, students were divided into 3 groups and each group came one after the other to perform a particular activity. The practice session started with energizers to help students improve upon voice modulation, followed by a brief discussion on the difference between Stage Acting and Film Acting.

Afterward, students shared their perspective on the statement: “Stage acting is an actor’s medium and film acting is a director’s medium”. This discussion was very informative, and all viewpoints and opinions were appreciated in the session.

The workshop was a very enriching experience for students who have always been interested to learn more about elements of Drama. The young actors got to start from the basics, and it was a pleasure to see them enact without inhibitions.

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