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One of the most awaited events of the year, Jogathon was turned into ‘Movathon’ and was held on 19th February. Since there are many students who have still not been able to come school or open areas to jog, the event expected the participants, Middle School Students, Parents and Teachers, to simply move!

February is known as the ‘Month of the Heart’ because of Terry Fox, the hero who worked tirelessly to spread awareness about people like him with Cancer. He is celebrated for walking across Canada with a prosthetic leg, all the while raising a large amount of money to be donated for a worthy cause.

He was Pathways’ inspiration for this event as the students got the chance to walk, like him, to raise money for a worthy cause.

The event started with the briefing of the students about the safety precautions taken for this event. The participants assembled in the main field and were divided into three circles: inner, middle, and outer circle- one circle for every Grade.

This division ensured that physical distancing and Covid regulations were followed. The motivational music and the incredible support of the teachers helped the students persevere through the numerous rounds the track. Each student and teacher ran, jogged or walked with equal enthusiasm and cheerful spirit. They all contributed to the House points.

The Students who were at home too participated using the App to inform them of the distance covered by them.

To conclude, the Movathon was a fun way to get everyone’s mind off the recent stress due to Covid and enjoy with friends while running in the pleasant weather for a worthy cause.

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