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A group of four MYP 3 students from Pathways World School Riya Goyal, Dhriti Pasrija, Ashhwika Soni, and Prapti Agrawal, are a part of the Dream Girl Foundation Fundraiser. These Students conducted online Workshops for Zumba & Art on Saturday, 23rd January, in their endeavour to raise funds for the Foundation. The workshops were open for all age groups. The registration fee for each participant was 100 Rupees, which was donated to the NGO: Dream Girl Foundation.

Moreover, during the art workshop, participants were taught about the principles of design, types of shading techniques (focussing more on smudging and cross-hatching technique), and Jacob Lawrence. Through the help of meaningful discussions and activities, participants were able to better understand the art concepts. Few audio-visual components were also included to engage the participants.

Furthermore, the Zumba workshop was a lot of fun and quite enjoyable. During the lockdown, many have been restricted to their homes and are following an unhealthy lifestyle, but this allowed them to get some physical exercise by doing Zumba. Zumba is a full-body workout and also has many health benefits including cardiovascular fitness and destressing. The attendees actively participated in the Zumba workshop.

The workshops were not only beneficial to the participants but also the facilitators, because they learnt more about time management and undertook challenges. The students worked collaboratively with others to be able to plan the event. They also learnt more about discussing, evaluating, and planning self-initiated events.

In conclusion, the workshops were successfully conducted, and the funds raised helped support the underprivileged children in bringing about a positive change in their lives. Pathways is proud of the organizers from MYP 3 and appreciate their efforts to make this event a success.

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