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The virtual exhibition of MYP 5 Personal Project, ‘Udaan,’ held on 18th December 2020 gave students an opportunity to present and showcase their projects to the student body, teachers, and parents. MYP 5 students had been working hard during the past few months and it culminated into a product which demonstrated new insights gained as a result of the inquiry.

The exhibition was inaugurated with an encouraging note from the School Director, Ms. Sonya Ghandy Mehta. The audience were shown glimpses from the last year’s event, which surely filled everyone with nostalgia. Vedika Giridhar from DP 2 shared her own Personal Project journey and wished success for the Batch of 2021. Along with this, MYP 5 students, Shreeya Suri and Ojas Katiyar, elaborated on their experience of Personal Project.  

MYP 5 students got the opportunity to choose their own topics based on their interests and passion. This allowed them to have independent inquiries within a global context, and at the same time developing and displaying ATL Skills and the learner’s profile attributes. Each student’s journey was unique, and they challenged themselves by taking up projects ranging from cancer research to women empowerment to fashion design. During the exhibition, teachers, parents, and students of MYP 1-5 appreciated and encouraged the presenters, asked questions, and provided their valuable feedback.

The students of MYP 5 showed an immense amount of determination when they continued to work on their projects even after a global pandemic struck. They modified their plans according to the precautionary guidelines and did their very best to come up with the best possible outcome of the project. The virtual exhibition was conducted in smaller groups, this ensured enough time for each member of the audience to ask questions and helped the presenters receive more detailed feedback from the audience.

The personal project exhibition was a delight to be a part of. Through their project, the students of MYP 5 learned the importance of working hard throughout the journey to get the desired product. The exhibition was wonderfully planned, and the projects of the presenters were beautifully showcased.

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