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 A team of three students, Eashan Mehra and Haphsa Rather from MYP1 and Aarmin Bhatnagar from MYP2 participated in the E-Indiation event organized by Skillsphere on 26th and 27th September. Through this event, they were able to interact and share their ideas on a national platform.

As the name suggests, E_Indiation was a competition focusing on the students’ knowledge about India. The two-day event was divided into three sub events – The Great Indian race, the Utopian Parliament and Jigyasa Quiz. The students learnt collaboration, time management and decision making skills, along with the sharing of perspectives and ideas. They were judged on their spontaneity, teamwork and completion of the tasks.

As always, these budding Middle School students made everyone proud by outshining at the event. Eashan Mehra of MYP1, won the first prize in the Jigyasa Quiz and his team won the first prize in The Great Indian Race.  He also performed the role of the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi in the Utopian Parliament as well. 

It was a great learning opportunity for the students, as they were able to compete on the national level. It was also heartening to see them share their ideas on the burning national issues, along with a host of leading schools from the 4 quarters of India.

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