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The Middle School hosted a three-day event, titled '#Inspireability', led by MYP4 students. In the spirit of a TEDx Conference, this year's event centred around the theme of 'The Power of Perseverance'.

The conference offered a platform for young speakers to showcase their public speaking skills and express their thoughts and opinions. The Pre-Conference and Conference were held on May 1st, 3rd, and 5th, respectively.

The Conference was designed in a standalone speech format, with a focus on mentors and mentees. Participants presented short talks on their interpretation of this year's themes, providing the audience with a source of inspiration and knowledge. The talks were personalized and tailored to the student's individual interests, giving them an opportunity to explore their passions and share their insights with their peers, parents, teachers, and other members of the Pathways community.

Overall, the event provided a unique opportunity for Middle School students to gain exposure to public speaking and develop their communication skills. The conference's theme of 'The Power of Perseverance' instilled a sense of motivation and determination in the young speakers, inspiring them to pursue their goals with unwavering tenacity.

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