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"The IGC Award is not just another award: it's a way of life."

Pancham Yadav, Gold Award recipient 2014 Pathways World School, Gurgaon, India

The IGC Award is a non-competitive Award for young people aged 11 and over, that encourages the volunteers to act and raise global awareness. With three levels, the student learns more about how their everyday lives and decisions affect the environment and the people around them.

The IGCA Bronze & Silver Awardees assembled together on Wednesday, October the 3rd 2018, for the momentous occasion of the IGCA conducted by our very own Well-Being Team. The Assembly was carried out to commend the Middle School students on their achievements and to honour the journey embarked upon by the students who received the Bronze and Silver awards for the first Semester of the Academic Year 2018-2019.

Dr. (Ms) Pathma Naidu led the Assembly and graced the occasion with her provocative words and it was truly a great moment of pride when she mentioned that over 1043 IGCA Awards are distributed to Pathways itself. This is more than one-third of the overall IGCA Awards status in the world. This proves that our School has children who genuinely work towards the betterment and welfare of society, our environment, and our world.

The enthusiastic recipients emerged on stage holding the Award high with great humility, pride and joy. Dr. Sarvesh Naidu and Mr. Sumit Dargan, the School Director and the Middle School Principal respectively, had graced the Ceremony sharing words of wisdom. Ms. Monika Bajaj, the Deputy Principal, Middle School & MYP Coordinator, as well as the Grade Coordinators of the three Grades, Ms. Ankita Raj Kumar, Ms. Kavita Govil and Ms. Sabeena Menon appreciated the students' hard work and dedication. They were also flanked by the Well-Being Team members, Mr. Amit Mendiratta and Ms. Geetanjali Dhull.

There were 56 proud recipients of IGCA Silver and 74 Bronze Awardees from Grades 7 to 10. Below is the Grade -wise segregation:

Bronze Awardees:   Bronze Awardees:  
Grade 7 52 Grade 8 13
Grade 8 01 Grade 9 22
Grade 9 12 Grade 10 21
Grade 10 9    

By and large, the IGCA assembly emboldened the students to take the initiative and gain the courage to walk their paths and create their stories.

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