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On Early morning of Thursday, 30th August 2018, five Middle School students, set out with Ms. Anamika Bhadula – a member of the Faculty, to attend the WELMUN in Dehradun.

Payas Mann, Vedansh Jindal, Krish Kapoor, Aditya Goel and Raghav Prabhakaran of Grade 10 were the PWS participants for this year's WELMUN.

Day One: In the Introductory Session, delegates were introduced to their respective Committees. The formal Sessions started after the Opening Ceremony.

In the SPECPOL Committee our students Aditya Goel and Krish Kapoor, were representing Somalia. Debate started off with the first Agenda of the Committee i.e. 'Resolving the status of Non-Self-Governing territories with special emphasis on Western Sahara'.

In the Rajya Sabha Committee our student, Payas Mann, was representing Mr. Digvijay Singh (Indian National Congress). Debate started off with the first agenda of the Committee, which is 'Deportation of illegal immigrants with special reference to Rohingya Muslims'.

In the Lok Sabha Committee our student, Vedansh Jindal was representing Mr. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore' the MP of Jaipur Rural Constituency. The Debate started with the first agenda, 'Deportation of illegal immigrants with special emphasis on Rohingya Muslims.'

Throughout the Day the security, economic and social effects of deportation were discussed. As a part of the Press Committee, our student Raghav was assigned task and then sent to the respective Committees from where he was supposed to report.

Day Two: In SPECPOL Committee new crisis update was introduced, and the debate started which revolved around this topic.

Lok Sabha Committee began with the discussion of the crisis that arise the last night; 'CM of Punjab and the rest of the Cabinet Ministers have declared Punjab the sovereign nation of 'Khalistan'.

In Rajya Sabha Committee discussions started to resolve the night crisis that arrived suddenly last night. During this Session some Moderated & unmoderated caucuses, and GSL speeches happened.

In the Press Committee Raghav submitted an article and an opinion editorial to his Committee. His opinion editorial was also one of the few texts published in the Conference journal.

Day Three: The last day was full of entertainment and fun for the students with the conclusion Session.

In the SPECPOL committee, a draft resolution was passed on the first agenda, which was on the conflict in Western Sahara.

The Lok Sabha Committee was adjourned with the passing of government's bill and a motion for entertainment followed by a formal feedback session.

In Rajya Sabha voting procedure started where the Governments' Bill failed while the Oppositions' was passed. This occurred for the first time in many years in the Rajya Sabha Committee.

As a member of the Press Corps, Raghav conducted his second Press Conference and did his interviews. Raghav received a verbal mention as the Delegate representing "The Dawn" during the Closing Ceremony.

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