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The time had finally come for the long-awaited Children’s Day celebration, which was held on 18th November 2019 for all the Middle School students. The celebration began with the Emcee Mr. Abil M. Kurishinkal, singing a wonderful song that immediately grabbed everyone’s attention and established the start for the wonderful afternoon ahead.

This year’s theme was an adaptation of the most viewed reality show in India- Big Boss. The intensity and vigour of the Show were met with a strong comical aspect that got the students jumping out of their seats.

This year’s performance commenced with the very talented Mr.Bhavdish Saxena, portraying the role of the host. His enthusiastic performance and his spot-on impression truly captivated the audience and gave them a bona fide experience of the popular reality show. The combined effort and enthusiasm of the Faculty truly paid off. From ‘Shayari’ to dance, the performances by the teachers were innovative and charismatic.

The celebration culminated with the reveal of the Big Boss- the very own Principal of the Middle School, Ms. Monika Bajaj. Ms. Achla Kakaria and Ms. Swati Chhikara recited a poem composed by them for all the students. This truly touched everyone’s hearts and ended the celebrations with a bang. The day was a true dedication to the children, and it was made possible by the combined effort of the Faculty of the Middle School.

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