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On the 27th of July 2019, the students of grades 11 and 12 of the senior school were fortunate enough to witness a powerful and poignant play by the incredibly talented cast of Actor Unveiled. The play was directed by Ms Kanu Priya who is the founder of Gul Guncha Arts and Actor Unveiled acting Academy. The play dealt with stigmatization around important social issues such as marital rape, being an escort and homosexuality in present society through a compelling narrative.

The plot centred around the proceedings of a criminal case involving the accused Rajan Malhotra who was alleged of sexual assault by escort Rani. Rani was being defended by Rajan’s ex-boyfriend, Raman.

The main plot featured a variety of scenes – court hearings, the relationship between Raman and Rajan and Raman’s wife struggle with marital rape. The complex scenes were interspersed with short dance sequences, which lightened the solemn mood. Moreover, a conversation between two socialites catalyzed the progression of the plot. Rajan’s criminal confession of being a violent abuser had the audiences at the edge of their seats, who were thoroughly enthralled by the electric performance. The audience instantly connected with the depths of Rani’s character, thanks to her thrilling dance performance set to the song Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin.

After watching the thought provoking play, the students got the golden opportunity to interact with the writer and the cast during a Q&A session, where it was revealed that many of the actors, including the actor who played the tortured role of Rajan, were not full-time actors. Instead, they were regular working professionals who trained and acted out of sheer passion towards the craft.

This revelation acted as the perfect opportunity for the cast to inspire students with their experiences. It taught the students the importance of following their passion above everything else.

The session concluded with a fun-filled theatre workshop where all the students participated in theatre exercises, leading to some much-needed laughs, especially after such an intense yet educational morning.

All in all, at the end of the day, plays like this encourage students to be courageous, not only when it comes to speaking up about matters of abuse, but also when it comes to following their dreams.

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