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On Friday, 15th of March, 26 Students from Grades 7 and 9 participated in a Students’ Strike that was happening at the Wazirabad Bandh, adjacent to the Xcelsior American School in Gurgaon.

This rally was organised for awareness about climate change. Students from different schools came to participate in this rally, It all started when Greta Thurnburg, a 16 years old student in Sweden, voiced her anger at adults not being concerned about the global climate change. This impacted over 270 towns and cities all round the world.

Indian children are now stepping in action. We can already feel the effect of environmental exhaustion through air contamination, strange climate occasions, changing atmosphere and water shortage.

The rally was a site of extreme activity. Students were giving speeches, bands of musicians were singing songs and there was a student march. Slogans like “clean up your mess, we’ll be voting next!” and “No nature, no future” echoed in the air. There was a stage, covered by a sun shade made up of empty plastic bottles and tins.

Shreeya Dwivedi from Pathways World School, Gurgaon gave a speech about how important it is for adults to wake up and take action against all environmental threats that pose a potential risk to the generations that lie in the future ahead.

Overall, the strike was a brilliant way of catching attention of all those adults who needed to be reminded about the dangers of a changing environment and be told to take serious actions against it.

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