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In today’s times, cleanliness just doesn’t mean hygiene and aesthetics. It has a reverberating connotation for the world and universe at large. We are living in times that require urgent action and the need to educate the future generation to be more loving and considerate of their environment.

Pathways World School, Aravali respects and understands the profound impact of environment on our existence. Our philosophy of contributing to the world resonates with the “Swachh Bharat” Abhiyan spearheaded by PM Modi.

In tandem with this belief, Pathways World School organised a cleanliness and sensitisation drive on the Aravali hills stretch. In memory of the Mahatma who envisioned a clean independent India, we chose 5th Oct as the day for this endeavour. Forfeiting their personal time and weekend leisure, the students armed with their cleaning equipment and support staff visited farmhouses and shanties within 3 kms of the school campus.

They educated and sensitised workers regarding garbage disposal in an environmental-friendly manner. This two-hour drive led to a disposal of 766kgs of garbage!

This drive not only sensitised the students and the residents on the Aravali range towards their environment but also allowed for the feeling of humility and responsibility. The students were also exposed to organisational skills that would always prove helpful to them in life.

With this small cleanliness drive by a bunch of students in the Aravali range, we hope to inspire villages, communities, cities and eventually the world to be conscious of their environment. Let’s aspire and maintain this domino effect, together.

If you are an NGO or environment-friendly organisation looking to inspire and associate with a student body, Pathways would be more than happy to collaborate.

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